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Texas Woman Calls Police To Complain About Quality of Marijuana

  1. Rob Cypher
    Here's a tip from me to you (consider it a thank you for our years and years of friendship): Don't call the police when your dealer gives you shitty weed.

    You may think that's not advice people actually need to hear. You may think this is just a given. (Or you are stoned out of your mind reading this right now and you have no idea what exactly I'm blabbering on about, but you sort of hope it some how leads to getting Taco Bell.) But there's at least one woman out there who missed this vital life lesson.

    According to an Associated Press report on Fox, 37-year-old Evelyn Hamilton called police to complain that she got ripped off by her pot dealer. Police in Lufkin, Texas said she called them because she was angry she wasted $40 on nothing but "seeds and residue." Aww, damn. I feel you on that one, Evelyn.

    When officers arrived, she showed them the crummy pot and explained that her dealer refused to refund her money. She was arrested and charged with possession OF COURSE.

    See, now this makes that time I called 911 to complain that someone on Tumblr had deleted a shirtless picture of Daniel Craig I planned to reblog seem totally rational. I don't know why those cops had to yell at me so much. Sheesh.

    Rebecca Rose
    April 7, 2014



  1. Dawn Godess
    Yes but was it 'Drug Squad'' she called? Maybe she thought she'd get a better deal off them :laugh:
    Did she give the Dealers number out? Because that sounds like some excellent weed to me. Must have been a creeper buzz;)
  2. Szandbwoy
    Haha, what the hell was she expecting? They obviously weren't going to get her money back for her! Crazy stoner lady
  3. D0pe
    Hmmm Makes me wonder what would happen in these states where marijuana is legal to use recreationally.. What if a shop rips you off and you get bad stuff or misrepresent their product ? It would be funny to see more cases hitting a courtroom of crooks trying to rip of Suburban pot users..

    Or someone breaks in and steals weed ...

    I think i would gladly go sit in a Court room and watch a judge and states attorney trying to figure out how to punish a marijuana theft charge..
  4. dolphine123
    most likely knew they got the goods
  5. Diverboone
    Seems to me she's old enough to know that it's a civil claim and that she has to pursue that matter by filing a suit in Civil Court. Her lack of this knowledge has lead to her being a defendant, not the petitioner.
  6. TheBigBadWolf
    Seems like smoking weed is really bad for the brain...*facepalm*
  7. methaxan41cuffed4life
    .i love crazy people! !!!
  8. D0pe
    I bet there have been drug dealers that call the cops because a client/customer ripped them off or did not pay. True story

    Who would be that stupid..
  9. JeffAnderson
    Well I don't even know what to say, the irony in this one is huge.
  10. Cwb20022
    On two different episodes of cops there was similar stories. The first was an older one. nd a woman claimed she was ripped off tryin to buy crack. The cop actually talked to the woman who supposedly sold it. She said she didn't sell it and neither were arrested. Then on a newer one. In a state where medical pot was legal. A lady called claiming her neighbor stole her plants. The cop went next door and got them from the neighbor. Who claimed he didn't know how they got there. Again nobody was arrested. So people do stupid shit like this more then you would think. Its common enough to end up on cops twice. But its always funny.
  11. Abject Misery
    37-year-old Evelyn Hamilton is a total brain dead douche. But not as much of a douche as the cop who stole weed from guy he busted, consumed some, then called 911 telling the operator that he was dying. That guy is the king douche!
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