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Texas woman finds cocaine packet in General Mills granola bar

  1. Rob Cypher
    SAN ANTONIO (AP) — San Antonio police are investigating how a packet of cocaine ended up inside a wrapped Nature Valley granola bar.

    Cynthia Rodriguez of San Antonio says she was eating the bar when a small, green bag emblazoned with dollar signs fell out. Rodriguez contacted manufacturer General Mills Inc., thinking she had won a prize. Company officials told her to call the police.

    Rodriguez contacted police March 18 and investigators determined the bag contained cocaine.

    Sgt. Javier Salazar says authorities are trying to determine how the package got inside the granola bar wrapper.

    A General Mills spokesman said Thursday that the Minneapolis-based company is confident the cocaine wasn't packaged with the bar at a company facility. Mike Siemienas declined to say where the bar was produced.

    May 7, 2015



  1. RoboCodeine7610
    She did! It was a fair amount of cocaine for the price of a granola bar.

  2. morrison
    Minneapolis? That's my neck of the woods-thinking maybe I should apply for a job at General Mills.....
  3. Dreamland
    "Rodriguez contacted manufacturer General Mills Inc., thinking she had won a prize"

    --- lmao, she did win a prize! lucky woman.

    “Company officials told her to call the police”

    — Nooooooooo

    “Rodriguez contacted police”

    — smh

    .... all joking aside, pretty messed up story. how often does that happen! Curious how they'll figure out where the cocaine got placed in their, which I'm assuming was dropped their on accident. :/ OOPS!
  4. TheCampingStoner
    I honestly would be verry happy if I found cocaine in a granola bar :). But wow! Who finds drugs in food? I never found drugs in anything I bought. Someone at the factory must have put it in there LOL.
  5. TheCampingStoner
  6. synonymous
    Dam I was wondering where I put that.
  7. gimmieops
    Every time I see something like this... I wonder why I can't ever be this lucky.
  8. mystix36
    So lucky. I also saw a story online a while back: Some mcdonalds employees, were selling weed out of the place. They were putting it in happy meals, and I think they got caught; because a little kid got weed with their food.
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