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Thai authorities destroy 50 tonnes of main 'Ecstasy' drug component by incineration

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    BANGKOK, Sept 13 - Some 50 tonnes of 'safrole', or sassafras oil, a substance used as a principle component for the production of 'ecstasy' or 'E', an illegal recreational drug, was destroyed in Thailand on Monday.

    Justice Minister Peerapan Saleeratwipak presided over the burning at the Bangpoo Industrial Estate in Samut Prakan province.

    This amount of safrole can be used to produce more than 63 million pills of ecstasy and other illegal drugs, the ministry said.

    The Narcotics Control Board Office, the Thai Customs Department, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seized the illegal substance in a joint operation in Chonburi province southeast of Bangkok hidden in three containers, each of which carried around 16.8 tonnes of safrole for transport to China and the United States.

    Thailand's Criminal Court ruled in February that the 'safrole' must be legally seized and after the legal process ended, the substance must be destroyed to prevent abundant quantity from being used illegally.

    The method of burning is the 'co-current rotary furnace' technique, which is pollution-free and environmentally friendly, the best method in Thailand.

    (MCOT online news)
    September 13, 2010



  1. Moving Pictures
    Re: Thai authorities destroy 50 tonnes of main 'Ecstasy' drug component by incinerati

    Fantastic! And how many people were tortured then hung during the investigation?
  2. readeadamie
    Re: Thai authorities destroy 50 tonnes of main 'Ecstasy' drug component by incinerati

    Where is the sense in destroying it?! It makes me sick to think how many trees were felled/burned to make those 50 tonnes of oil and how many more will be used to replace that which was destroyed.
  3. Terrapinzflyer
  4. Jasim
    Re: Thai authorities destroy 50 tonnes of main 'Ecstasy' drug component by incinerati

    I completely agree with readeadamie. They cut down tropical forests for this stuff. Now there's just a higher incentive to chop down more trees, but you never hear about that.

    *sarcasm* Hey, here's an idea. Let's just fix the supply problem once and for all. If we just cut down all the tropical forests, kill off any species we come across in the process and make all these trees extinct, then drug producers won't have a supply of needed precursor. Drug problem solved. Seems like that's where this is headed. Go War on Drugs! *sarcasm*
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