Thai monks give Irish addicts €2-a-day detox

By chillinwill · Sep 28, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill

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  1. Heretic.Ape.
    Interesting. I wonder what the potion contains. 65%... Does anybody know the average success rate of standard treatment centers?
  2. Spare Chaynge
    success rate is hard to do in % at treatment centers.. What is success. Staying away from ones drug of choice for 1 , 5, 10 years maybe the rest of ones life.. or is it learning how to function and use drugs responsible...

    Maybe it is a general improvement in ones life???? who knows...swiy has to look at what the treatment centers base there % on.

    When treatment centers give % of success it is usually bullshit. A lot of treatment centers will say if you want it and you are willing to do everything required they have a 100% success rate... So when someone fails they say oh yah you didnt read the fine print right here on page 74 you were suppose to do this and that... Reference to the big book and aa.. Most rehabs are 12 step based...

    And in 12 step programs if you relapse you did something wrong because humans are like computers.. install AA and virus will be defeated.. cough cough.

    Swim thinks that out of all the people he went to rehab with maybe 3 out of 200 stayed clean and sober for a year. And this was a fancy good rep rehab... Also a lot of people come into rehabs with a marijuana and alcohol problem.. and they are taught a drug is a drug(12 step philosophy)... So when they leave they go and get addicted to heroin.

    Swim doubts this Buddhist place is 12 step oriented.. sounds good.
  3. Sitbcknchill
    Man oh man, don't really know what to say about this one.....

    But I'm not sure I would pay for that kind of service even as cheap as it already is.

    If I wanted to do that I would just go by a bottle of ipecac and a drum and bass cd.

    I don't really think projectile vomiting would really be necessary though.

    But whatever floats your boat I guess. If it works for some I guess that is good enough.
  4. Spare Chaynge
    lol.. how many junkies does swiy think asked there parents for money for treatment and a plane ticket only to arrive and spend the next 5 years in the golden triangle shooting heroin....

    swim will have to try this plan next time he gets hooked on the ole fentanyl. jk
  5. Heretic.Ape.
    I'm interested in the meditation aspect. I wonder how a treatment method focusing on learning meditation techniques alone would compare with meditation + puking daily.
  6. ThirdEyeFloond
    Re: Thai monks give Irish addicts €2-a-day detox

    I think there's two aspects of recovery, the initial detox aswell as preperation for re-entry back into society. Meditation could indeed improve the latter, giving people a more positive outlook on life and themselves making it easier to avoid falling back into selfdestructive behaviour. But SWIM would personally find it very hard if not impossible to reach deeper meditative states when experiencing severe withdrawals at the same time. So he thinks cleansing the body would be a necessity first, and if eating foultasting herbs and rhythmically puking to a drum beat speeds up that process then so be it.
  7. Figaro

    The studies or analysis that I have read goes like this.

    Those who quite on their own they disappearing from town etc is 20

    12 STep programs of AA and NA claim 3% at best 10%

    Rational and Smart Recovery another 3% to 10%

    There is methadon and suboxen that consider their treatment to be medication for a medical disease so they are managiing their disiease.
    They claim all kinds of good results not necesarily based on abstenence.
    But they have done some excellent works between doctors and patients. Unfurtunatly their still some kliniks that are in for the money and they make policies and regulations that hurt rather than help people. If you go to one of themethadone advocacy message board you will see some great result from new born again methadone patients.
  8. Benga
    on a purely physiological level, isn't going cold-turkey considered quite dangerous in quite a few cases of heavy addiction ?
    wondering if there's any medical supervision available or if it's all experience and spiritual based

  9. Nature Boy
    Why is this being reported in The Times of London and not in any Irish national papers? Seems like some kind of bizarre fad. A sanctuary for those hellbent cannabis addicts. Oh my!
  10. Bajeda
    Another article on Tham Krabok can be found here.

    Alfa posted the Rules and Conditions in the other thread, but I'll quote them here for convenience.

    As for discussion of success / recovery rates as well as the importance of the meditative aspect of the process:

  11. Lunar Loops
    Well it did appear in The Irish Sunday Times (admittedly still the London paper with a slighly Irish-centric lean).

    SWILL would also be intrigued as to what was in the potion. Is it purely a purgative or does it have other properties?
  12. infekt
    Hmm..sounds kind of like the ayahuasca rehab programs they have down in Brazil. Except that instead of ayahuasca, you get something else that would make you purge, and the insights would come from meditation and buddhist teachings and practices..
  13. Coconut
    Sounds like a fairly noble cause but I don't see the point in deliberately inducing projectile vomiting. I would consider this unnecessary suffering as anyone who is addicted, especially to opiates, will be enduring painful withdrawal symptoms. Not only that, but cold turkey for addiction to alchohol or benzodiazepines is an unbelievably dangerous idea and I certainly hope nobody dies from delirium tremens as a result of it.

    I am also interested in the composition of this potion and the herbal supplements. Do they contain active ingredients, high doses of vitamins or anything that could be scientifically proven to help combat addiction? I think it'd be helpful if the monks divulged such information although I see it as unlikely.
  14. Subvert
  15. RedMonkey
    Hmmm...very interesting. Vomiting and hot steam bath kind of sound refreshing inside of monastery somewhere deep inside of Thailand. I would do anything to get away from this drug infested city, police sirens, peoples yelling, and now freezing rain and snow. FML
  16. malsat
    I remember seeing a documentary a few years back about it with a couple of British girls who went there. I only had vague recollections of it so I'm glad to have the name of the place now so I can check out that documentary again.

    The research done for the article was rubbish, though. It is not "almost impossible" to get into residential treatment, although there are waiting lists for many treatment centres, and, yes, there are limited beds in detox wards. Most residential centres I know of are funded by charitable organisations, partial or total contributions from residents' social welfare payments, the Health Service Executive or a combination of the three.

    I believe the 'private detox clinic' they mention is in fact a residential rehab that has nothing to do with detox. Clients have to be detoxed prior to entry. The info is old as that program is now about 15,000 euro for four weeks, although as I understand it there are one or two beds there for public patients who hold Medical Cards and for private patients, any halfway decent health insurance will cover the bulk of that fee.
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