Thai Police Seize 100,000 Amphetamine Tablets

By buckcamp · Jul 29, 2010 · Updated Jul 29, 2010 · ·
  1. buckcamp
    Published: 26/07/2010 at 12:00 AM
    Newspaper section Bangkok Post

    A man has been arrested for possession of 100,000 amphetamine pills with an estimated value of about 30 million baht, the city's police chief says.

    Chaiwat Sriboonkong was arrested on Saturday near a tollway booth on Din Daeng-Rama IX Road, Metropolitan Police Bureau chief Santan Chayanon said yesterday.

    Pol Lt Gen Santan said police received an intelligence report that a major drug gang from the North was planning to sell drugs at Central Lat Phrao shopping centre.

    Officials were on the lookout for suspects and Pol Lt Gen Santan said Mr Chaiwat was spotted circling the shopping centre, which raised the suspicions of officers.

    Pol Lt Gen Santan said Mr Chaiwat sped away once he spotted police officers, who pursued him before forcing him to come to a stop at the tollway booth.

    Police said they found a bag in the back seat of Mr Chaiwat's car containing 100,000 amphetamine pills concealed in 50 packets.

    Mr Chaiwat told police he was released from Chiang Mai prison four months ago and a person he met there who had been released before him had hired him to deliver the drugs.

    He allegedly said he was paid up to 50,000 baht to deliver the drugs. He said the BMW he was driving belonged to a friend.

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  1. godztear
    This dude is dead. Not only did he tell on someone else, who obviously is very well connected, but he is in Thailand...where the streets touch you before the law gets a chance. 100,000 pills is quite a bundle for someone to lose, heads will roll.

    I would have to assume that the street value is the estimated final profit from the drug created by such pills?
  2. buckcamp
    I think your right because converted to USD brings it to about $930K...
  3. EscapeDummy
    Yeah. At ETD POP one year (in San Francisco) the police seized 800 ecstasy pills and claimed it to have a value of $16,000. It might have a value of that, if every last pill was sold to desperate people inside of a rave, but everyone knows the real value of the pills, even on the street, is much lower.
  4. shabu
    this happens rather often but the war on drugs will never win. proof being it still keeps happening even with draconian laws
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