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By Mr Bumble · Apr 20, 2014 ·
  1. Mr Bumble
    I just read the comments on my blog re my attempt at fiction and it's really touch me.

    My all Favorite writer is Iain M Banks, I love the way his writing takes you to the place he's describing. When I read his work I'm write there feeling and seeing what the characters see.

    I was told I was dyslexic at school, I have come to believe that I am not but am almost certainly dyspraxic but I did really struggle with spelling and writing at school. It was nearly impossible for me.

    Something changed in my 20's and I taught myself to spell to a reasonable level but I've really never even once tried to write any kind of story, what you read is my first ever attempt so to read your comments are really quite special Thanks for the support, it's made me want to write more.

    I've tried my hand at poetry many times but it always sucks and I know it. I only post it on here out of boredom really, but when I started trying to write that story I could kind of feel it falling in to place and I actually liked what I read, so to know other do to is a really great feeling.

    It started off in my head as a brief plan for a short story but the more I think about it the bigger the story has got, almost dauntingly big. As I've never writen anything of the sort before it started to feel like to big a challange, but fuck it, I'm gonna give it a shot :)

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