THC Breath Strips Are Here, And They Are Amazing

By chillinwill · Dec 24, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Med-strips are like the Listerine breath strips you buy at the supermarket, except that each one of these comes loaded with 625mg of wonderful THC. The label claims these strips will be effective, discreet and convenient and Med-Strips deliver big-time.

    Here is the breakdown:

    Purchased in West Los Angeles, California
    Cost: $10/ea. Or three 2-packs for $50.
    Flavors available: Mint and Cinnamon
    THC Content: 625mg per strip (a 45x sucker is 600mg)

    The ups: Smoke free, could not be more convenient or discreet, actually packs a punch (especially if you take two at a time), excellent for the purse or wallet for those emergency times when you must get medicated

    The downs: These are a little thicker than Listerine strips. When they dissolve, they turn into a little glob of goo in your mouth. That’s not so nice. Also, some might not like them because they abandon the natural wholeness of dried cannabis.

    The rest: The taste is decent and about what you might expect. Like putting a nugget in a wad of spearmint gum and chewing it.

    Overall, I loved Med-Strips and will be buying them again. If you are sick, these are quite a find.

    December 19, 2008
    Potsitive Minds Blog

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  1. old hippie 56
    Damn lucky people with med cards.
  2. dutch-marshal
    wow, super invention!
    hope these are going to the underground soon :p
  3. Metomni
    In the underground, these things will be WAY too expensive, 10 bucks a strip, and that's if it is legal for SWIY. Nonetheless, these are awesome, SWIM would like to at least try one.
  4. TheContrivance
    SWIM definitely wants to try these, but can't imagine it to be something he'd use regularly as he really likes the whole smoking aspect of MJ.
  5. betsym
    Great find, Chillie! Swim is not even a pot smoker nor even likes it's effects when eaten in food, but medicinally, it is getting quite a reputation as a remedy for several things. This could make it real easy to medicate in the fastest possible way, too! Swim can't imagine a governement that would withold "medicine" for some folks just because it also happens to be a "drug" for many others, as well, but right now, that's how it looks. One day, one may be able to go to their medicine cabinet and put these right beside the aspirin, lol! :)
  6. acid_phlux
    One can only dream betsym :) Nice find though and great for people who do need it medicinally!
  7. Felix Guattari
    Does anyone know anything about what these things are made of? If possible, the results seem worthy of a little DIY adventure.
  8. yaba
    Your swiy is probably right, but Viagra (sildenafil) is or can be cheaper to buy underground then the NHS (UK based) has to pay for it. Swim doesn't mean generic versions.. But if those breath strips are going generic then defiantly the price should drop !!
  9. sunyata
    Doesn´t 625 mg sound like a lot? Even a half gram of decent oil would be quite strong, and it´s not even pure.
    Have people tried them in combination with a fat meal? Swim is thinking if people are just chewing the THC without any fats it would not be so strong.
  10. old hippie 56
    The films, made from whey protein, cellulose gums, gelatins, or other compounds, are already in use in cough medicines, appetite suppressants, and vitamins. And they’ve provided a handy way of administering medication to pets.
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