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The 100 "Drunkest" Cities in America

  1. Phungushead
    Fresno, Calif., tops list of 'drunkest' U.S. cities; Boston least

    Fresno, Calif., tops Men's Health magazine's list of America's "drunkest" cities while Boston, home to the "Cheers" bar where everyone knows your name, was deemed the "least drunk," besting even Salt Lake City.

    The magazine, which will publish the list of 100 major cities in it's March edition, drew upon such data as death rates from alcoholic liver disease, booze-fueled car crashes, frequency of binge-drinking in the past month, number of DUI arrests, and severity of DUI penalties.

    See full list below, including grades for each city from A to F

    "Drunkest" cities:

    1. Fresno, Calif.
    2. Reno, Nev.
    3. Billings, Mont.
    4. Riverside, Calif.
    5. Austin
    6. St. Louis
    7. San Antonio
    8. Lubbock, Texas
    9. Tucson
    10. Bakersfield, Calif.

    "Least drunk" cities:

    1. Boston
    2. Yonkers, N.Y.
    3. Rochester, N.Y.
    4. Salt Lake City
    5. Miami
    6. Newark
    7. Durham, N.C.
    8. New York City
    9. Fort Wayne, Ind.
    10. Manchester, N.H.

    1.) Fresno, CA F
    2.) Reno, NV F
    3.) Billings, MT F
    4.) Riverside, CA F
    5.) Austin, TX F
    6.) St. Louis, MO F
    7.) San Antonio, TX F
    8.) Lubbock, TX F
    9.) Tucson, AZ F
    10.) Bakersfield, CA F
    11.) Las Vegas, NV F
    12.) Modesto, CA F
    13.) Columbia, SC F
    14.) Nashville, TN D-
    15.) Madison, WI D-
    16.) Colorado Springs, CO D-
    17.) Denver, CO D-
    18.) Phoenix, AZ D-
    19.) Cheyenne, WY D-
    20.) Sacramento, CA D-
    21.) New Orleans, LA D-
    22.) Toledo, OH D
    23.) Aurora, CO D
    24.) El Paso, TX D
    25.) Corpus Christi, TX D
    26.) Fargo, ND D
    27.) San Diego, CA D
    28.) Lexington, KY D
    29.) Tampa, FL D
    30.) Albuquerque, NM D
    31.) Oklahoma City, OK D+
    32.) Tulsa, OK D+
    33.) Jacksonville, FL D+
    34.) Detroit, MI D+
    35.) Boise City, ID D+
    36.) Kansas City, MO D+
    37.) Washington, DC D+
    38.) Montgomery, AL D+
    39.) Omaha, NE D+
    40.) Portland, OR D+
    41.) Anchorage, AK D+
    42.) Birmingham, AL D+
    43.) Greensboro, NC C-
    44.) Wichita, KS C-
    45.) St. Petersburg, FL C-
    46.) Burlington, VT C-
    47.) Houston, TX C-
    48.) Los Angeles, CA C-
    49.) Charleston, WV C
    50.) Orlando, FL C
    51.) Spokane, WA C
    52.) Lincoln, NE C
    53.) Arlington, TX C
    54.) Des Moines, IA C
    55.) Fort Worth, TX C
    56.) Providence, RI C
    57.) Anaheim, CA C
    58.) Milwaukee, WI C
    59.) Pittsburgh, PA C
    60.) Baltimore, MD C
    61.) Indianapolis, IN C
    62.) Louisville, KY C
    63.) Raleigh, NC C
    64.) Seattle, WA C+
    65.) Grand Rapids, MI C+
    66.) Buffalo, NY C+
    67.) Wilmington, DE C+
    68.) Hartford, CT C+
    69.) Sioux Falls, SD C+
    70.) Virginia Beach, VA C+
    71.) Memphis, TN C+
    72.) Cincinnati, OH C+
    73.) Cleveland, OH C+
    74.) Charlotte, NC C+
    75.) Oakland, CA C+
    76.) Little Rock, AR B-
    77.) Dallas, TX B-
    78.) Richmond, VA B-
    79.) San Jose, CA B-
    80.) Minneapolis, MN B-
    81.) Jackson, MS B-
    82.) Jersey City, NJ B-
    83.) Columbus, OH B-
    84.) Atlanta, GA B-
    85.) Chicago, IL B
    86.) San Francisco, CA B
    87.) St. Paul, MN B
    88.) Honolulu, HI B
    89.) Philadelphia, PA B+
    90.) Portland, ME B+
    91.) Manchester, NH B+
    92.) Fort Wayne, IN A-
    93.) New York, NY A-
    94.) Durham, NC A
    95.) Newark, NH A
    96.) Miami, FL A
    97.) Salt Lake City, UT A
    98.) Rochester, NY A+
    99.) Yonkers, NY A+
    100.) Boston, MA A+

    04 February 2010

    USA Today


  1. EyesOfTheWorld
    "Least drunk?" :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
    Maybe if their stats are only based on shit like when the bars close as we are cursed with the earliest mandatory bar closings for a big city in America, but thats when the drinking just moves to someone's house or just outside in the street. Almost everyone here's at least part Irish or Italian (or myself, Scottish), and the drinking culture is HUGE here. This story is bollocks
  2. coolhandluke
    swim lived in #15, madison wi, gets pretty crazy there sometimes. badger football games get crazy, everyone wakes up at 8 and gets shitfaced before the game thats usually at 11, its a blast. the bars are crazy and there are house parties everywhere. they have a lot of binge drinking events there, halloween, mifflin st. block party, swim misses living there.
  3. ninjaned
    WOO! #40 ALL THE WAY! Wait... should I not be happy about that?
  4. old hippie 56
    I see that Texas is well represented, yee-haw!!!
  5. Nature Boy
    Boston is the least drunk?! As I saw the thread title I thought it was a shoe-in for #1. But then again you have to look at the criteria. Boston is made up of Irish-Americans largely and although the Irish are known for drinking a lot, comparatively, alcohol liver disease is quite low compared to other genetic groups. The rest of the stats are mainly based on traffic accidents. This has more to do with quality of roads and perhaps common sense. I suppose Bostonians know when to hand over the car keys.
  6. EyesOfTheWorld

    Um, sadly,self excluded, no we don't. Its just that many Bostonians have DUI down to an art/science and are less likely to get in a wreck:thumbsdown:
  7. nunitn
    where did they get this garbage data? boston and rochester least drunk? yea right
  8. Makeup_Junkie
    I can attest to Reno, NV being #2. I went to college there for a year and a half and there is NOTHING, I mean NOTHING to do there. Which is probably why so many people drink. There were so many people who spent their days drunk at the university. It was quite funny in a pathetic way, but, to each their own.

    I'm surprised Las Vegas, NV is #11. I'd have expected it to be #5 or maybe even right under Reno. Still an interesting list. Thanks for that, phungushead! :)
  9. overkillx7
    My first post! I'm so proud to live in Fresno, apparently there's not much to do here except get a DUI, but I don't understand how we can be the drunkest city when we have no decent clubs...
  10. ZenobiaSky
    I should be Impressed that Nebraska (Omaha) even made the list. But whoever came up with that list has never been to Lincoln, Nebraska on Husker Football game day!!!
  11. Enlightenment
    i feel like san francisco's B may be out of sympathy....it's just that dui's don't get written up that often in the city, the same is with all other traffic stops. i feel like in the city they have patrol cars roaming around, but their attention is more focused on the pedestrians and crime, and there are bike cops and horse cops too, which pick up d.i.p bums and boozers at the bar areas and in the parks.

    i don't drive thru the city that often during the evening, but they have dui checkpoints every ~1-3 months.... meeaaaaaning just keep your eyes peeled on thursdays thru sundays (sundays are less common) if you're on 19th, geary, lombard, mission, bay bridge on ramp, and south of market where all the clubs are - sf city blocks are pretty short, so just turn as quickly as you can and avoid avoid AVOID ;)

    many, many people drive san francisco's crazy fast streets HAMMERED (myself definitely excluded, scouts honor minus dire emergency), and that's not even taking into account the number people high on something else too!
    but all considered, i don't blame the people so much. muni and bart can be kind of sketch at the wee hours of the night...if anyone has ridden the last bart train of the night you know what i mean. in order to drive in sf comfortably you have to be at least a "good" driver, period, and people apply this to driving under the influence as well - just follow the flow of traffic and all is good, if you're too fucked up to drive a straight line (literally, sf is mostly on a grid), then get the fuck out of your car and walk

    I really hate like drunk driving, but i do know sf is pretty good at it. despite this, it's unnecessary and you are putting all other drivers at risk, as well as yourself so please make all attempts to have a sober driver. please drive safe, everywhere.
  12. kailey_elise
    I seriously don't know how Boston got to be last on that list either. Do you know how many colleges are located here???!!?!

    Although...since they gather data from car crashes & DUIs...there isn't a lot of driving being done in Boston, comparatively speaking. Esp with said college kids - driving in Boston is so f'n difficult that many don't bother. Too bad the last subways leave around 12:30am! But as EotW mentioned, we just move the party to someone's house or take a taxi. ;)

    I think drunk & disorderlies aren't handed out as often as they could be. ;)

    Moving just outside of Boston, though & drunk driving is frighteningly rampant - again, partly because public transportation only runs until 12:30 & the bars are open until 1am (though it used to be 2am). Once upon a time, the MBTA had a program where they'd run buses along the subway routes on Friday & Saturday nights until 2:30am or something. But they tried to say it was for people who worked late, because they "don't want intoxicated people taking the T". *blink blink* Well, they aren't gonna just NOT FUCKING DRINK, so, what, you're saying you want intoxicated people DRIVING instead? *shakes head*

    Also, I'd like to point out that Boston isn't the "least drunk" city in the USA - it's just the 100th drunken city. Heh heh heh, there's way more than just 100 cities in the US, after all! ;)

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