The Amazing Kratom Fruit Roll-up Sensation That's Sweeping The Nation

By chupamivergaguey · Aug 25, 2014 · ·
  1. chupamivergaguey
    You look back at your life these days and not only have memories of the stupid stuff you "used" to do, but documentation as well. All references to SWIM removed for compliance purposes.

    My cousin used a rendition of the “Siebert Method” and spooned approximately 14 grams of Bali powder into a small pot. Boiled with about a cup of water and filtered liquid through coffee filter. Re-boiled filtered material, re-filtered, etc. 2 more times. Boiled collected liquid down to about 1/3 of a cup, added 3 tbsp of white granulated sugar. Poured mixture into Pyrex measuring cup with 1 packet of Knox gelatin, stirred rapidly for 30 seconds. Poured kratom-gelatin mixture on to dinner plate, cooled in refrigerator. Process produced a round fruit rollup-type thing equivalent to 2 doses. Separated fruit rollup thing into two more or less equal portions, kept in refrigerator overnight.

    Here’s the problem – my cousin drank a 12-pack and about 6 fl. Oz of vodka, stayed up all night drunk and on other substances, and wasn’t feeling well at 7 am. So my cousin tore a kratom rollup into swallowable pieces and washed about half of them down with more beer. Within minutes my cousin vomited profusely. Not sure what to attribute this to, but there were carrots and greasy pork loin in my cousin’s stomach before taking the kratom rollup. For my cousin kratom has always come back up when s/he has eaten greasy food. My cousin then washed the rest of the pieces down with more beer and even raided about half the other gelatin dose to make up for the dose lost to vomit.

    Overall, my cousin thinks the kratom rollup method has promise, but s/he chose the wrong circumstances under which to take it. The gelatin and sugar content do a lot to help one bypass the hideous kratom flavor and the procedure is certainly worth trying again. My cousin has questions about the shelf life of such rollups.

    20 minutes into the experience it appears that extra kratom (perhaps 10 grams per dose rather than 6-7) is needed to make the gelatin method as effective as the tea method. My cousin still would like to try it intra-anally so as not to taste it at all. An hour into it and my cousin can barely feel any kratom effects. Perhaps the general consensus is correct; there are many pleasant alkaloids in powdered kratom that do not come out in a boil.

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  1. snowdrop
    Why doesn't your cousin try it on an empty stomach? It'd be interesting to see if it works a lot better then. Also don't wash it down with beer - try with water as the beer could drown it out. It'd be good to see if the sweets work...
  2. chupamivergaguey
    I don't try it these days because the very idea of kratom [shudder!] makes me gag. It took about 5 years to get to that point, but I pretty much gave up on it about 3 years ago and haven't touched it since. In the beginning the taste was just kind of vile. Over time however, I seemed to perceive it as worse and worse until I started vomiting every time I took it. The kratom fruit rollup, admittedly, was a drunken experiment, but for me it ended pretty much the same as taking it via any other method while sober and with an empty stomach. Now where's the vomiting smilie? :crazy
  3. snowdrop
    Oh no... that's a shame. That's what I'm worried about happening to me.
    Once you start gagging/vomiting at a taste or smell it's difficult to shake.
    I know if I try toss and wash the powdery bits make me throw up. I simply can't do it.
    That's a shame because the sweet idea sounded really good. You could've even put different flavours into each one, like a lemon one, raspberry one, mint one, like fruit pastilles.
  4. chupamivergaguey
    I had a lot of luck just putting it in capsules for a couple of years. A certain chain I'll just call Mega-lo-mart sells a bottle of 200 or so 1000mg cinnamon capsules for a very affordable price that can easily be repurposed for kratom. Sadly, even that stopped working, and I could taste the hideous kratom vapors working their way up my esophagus.
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