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  1. Phungushead
    Research scientists have used many animal species in investigating mind-altering drugs, but it may come as a surprise to learn that animals in the wild — from starlings to reindeer — also make use of psychoactive substances of their own accord.

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    The above is an excerpt from a story by Andrew Haynes.

    December 17, 2010

    By Andrew Haynes - The Pharmaceutical Journal


  1. Alfa
    Hold on a second. Psychoactive lichen?? What species? What active compounds?
  2. torachi
  3. Jatelka
    Did I ever upload that paper about alcoholic tree shrews, I wonder?

    Goes off to check...
  4. Meow Tse Dung
    Euh... Torachi? I am no zoologist... but I think that that big cat, was a Leopard.
  5. Meow Tse Dung
    My Bad!!! Leopards are only found in the african and eurasian continent!!
    This was south America! Thus Jaguars...
    My bad...
  6. Phungushead
    One species which is rumored to be psychoactive are Rock Blooms (Parmotrema menyamyaense)... There is very little information on this other than it can be smoked or made into a tea.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    From the sounds of it, there are other as of yet unidentified specie(s) of potentially psychoactive... Again, much of this information is unsubstantiated (so take with a grain of salt), and there isn't much out there on this subject, although it is still rather interesting...

    Here's what I dug up:
  7. kailey_elise
    I've seen squirrels eating rotting/fermenting Jack O'Lanterns near Halloween & act wicked drunk, and they seem to like it & go back for more (though it's hard to tell if it's really the same squirrel). There may even be a video on youtube of drunken squirrels. *giggle*
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