The Annual Shin Dig

  1. Cattle-n-HorseRancher
    Howdy Howdy, I just noticed how long its been since I've had time to sit for a spell and write in this diary. Oh, excuse me, the blog. In my day it was a journal, then a diary and now the modern version is a blog. Blog sounds funny to me for some reason. I wonder who started calling it that.
    Getting ready to have our yearly shin dig for the fourth of July week. Everybody around the mountains near by come to it. We have a barn dance every night all weekend with some of the best bluegrass music in these parts. I play the fiddle some and the dulcimer but not like these fellers who can whoop it up and the do the calls for the square dancing. The BBQ we have all day everyday, so today was spent getting the pits done for the steers and pigs. Mrs. A and me have done the porches and barn walls in red white and blue streamers and there is so much to do I have three lists just for myself.
    I look forward to this as any new families in the area that may need some help of some kind usually end up here at the shin dig. Since this is a family ordeal its real nice to have games and hay rides and little contests for the children. It exposes them to the traditions of these mountains as well as the music. So I reckon it could be educational as well as fun.
    I am a firm believer in roots and traditions. No matter where any of us are from we all have them. Never forget where you came from and the history behind it. Your heritage is part of who you are. This is what my parents said to me long ago when I was cloggin' and square dancing at the barn dances at the ripe ole age of 7. Geez...wouldn't it be nice to bottle up some of that energy and save it until we get older.
    Was tempted today to hurdle out the barn loft window and go down the rope, but just knew I would end up with a broke leg or something, so I decided not to risk it being all the guests and company will start arriving next week. I just sat up there and pondered about all the accidents I've lived through. One cannot live on a farm and ranch and not have any accidents and Lord only knows I've had plenty. Also one does stupid things no matter how old we get. For example never wear thick brown steel toed boots to rope a horse and take off riding it. This little endeavor was an accident I deserved for not thinking, the horse threw me off and my left boot was stuck in the stirrup and I got taken for a ride that landed me in the hospital after being dragged through the rocks and almost drowned in the dang creek. Hubby rescued me but not until I had a concussion and had the need of over 80 plus stitches. I reckon the slide down the rope from the hay loft might be easy after all. Hee Hee
    I knew my prayer life was in need of much improvement as the first thing I said to my hubby as I lay in the creek all bloody was Shit I just did my hair. LOL
    Awful ain't it? Oh well...lesson learnt.
    Anyways, starting Monday it will be time to cook. Big pots of everything from son of a gun stews to big pots of collard greens and ham hocks. Have a few ladies from the church on the ridge who will help me and Mrs. A with it. I just love it when we are busy especially giving to the area. I hope y'all who live in the USA will be doing something nice for the 4th and I hope y'all enjoy it and make wonderful memories.
    P.S. Am enclosing a pic of my registered haflinger Sari Girl . She's a beauty and I love her.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Smiles and Hugs, Maw on the mountain

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