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By Joe-(5-HTP) · Nov 12, 2013 ·
  1. Joe-(5-HTP)
    The bad trip wiki has come a long way and changed a lot in the nearly 2 years since I made it!

    Just passed 80,000 views and 2nd only to wikipedia in the google list when searching for "bad trip".

    I still regularly read and occasionally change it, but I'd like to get other perspectives on how it could be improved. Sometimes when you are so familiar with something, it's difficult to get a proper perspective.

    Since I wrote it, bad trips have sort of become my 'thing'. I write a lot of posts in the LSD forum trying to help people who have lingering mental issues after a bad trip, or anyone who wants information about bad trips.

    Why was I ever interested in bad trips? Well.. A close friend of mine once had a terrible experience on LSD - I was on LSD at the time too, and witnessing that had a profound effect on me. Call me sheltered, but it was probably the worst thing I'd ever seen. You can see one of my first ever threads here, where I make a thread about it. Before taking LSD, I had looked at websites like the UK's 'talk to frank' and they essentially said, and still to this day merely says:

    What great information. I remember reading that when I was younger and thinking "Well.. sounds like there is no real risk to taking LSD".

    So of course once I had learned the truth the hard way, I wanted to write what I wish I had read. This isn't to say I wish I had been scared away from taking LSD by any means, but I wish I had the knowledge of bad trips I have now so that I could have managed my friend's situation so much better, probably helped make the bad trip better and speed up their recovery too.

    These are things I achieve for some other people now.. In a way, it's kind of like I'm making up for a past mistake. But I feel their pain as well.. In a bad trip, we are scared in a way unlike any other fear we could possibly have. I'm fairly certain there isn't anything bad enough a human could do that would make them deserving of that experience. Even if they were responsible for inflicting it on another, intentionally or not, they wouldn't deserve it.

    I'm saying all this, really only because I want to say how awesome DF is for giving me the capability to achieve all this. Obviously Alfa has the real credit, but I sort of feel - and I hope he would agree - that we are all drugs-forum, we make it happen, and we should feel some of the same sense of achievement and pride that he feels. I hope that is right and not just my ego showing, haha.

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