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  1. rokman nash
    Quitting drugs is not that hard a proposition.Staying off drugs is another matter entirerly.My friend Dave has quit junk(heroin,oxy's, percs,etc) many times.He has managed to stay off them since really trying for at the longest 4 months.

    He realizes that this is a deadly serious proposition, that if not taken seriously is a colossal waste of time.Dave knows that if he wants to keep his family intact, he has to make this latest attempt work long term.

    Its interesting that whether he truly wants to get clean( he does), he will put himself into situations that are no win for him.Does he do this purposely, I think he does. So this time he has to make decisions daily that will affect the outcome of his situation.

    To get an idea, he has had to deal with the following.

    Liver problems-due to his massive intake of APAP

    Diabetes-hereditary nothing to do with Dave's drug problem

    He's a recovering opiate abuser who has to fight the fight daily.

    He owns a business that must be run properly on a daily basis.

    These are a few of Dave issues, but he's doing ok. Hope my friends out there can say the same

    Good thoughts:thumbsup:


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