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  1. Spoonwoman

    How can you be so weak
    Why do you always follow
    Once so strong and proud
    And now so frail and hollow
    Why can't you just stand up
    Instead of sinking in this hole
    You've surrendered all your strength
    And you let it take your soul
    Now just close your eyes and pray
    And pretend a god will save you
    You still try to justify
    While your addiction slowly slays you
    Illusions front as truth
    As deceptions overtake
    Your life becomes a lie
    A joke
    A fraud
    A fake
    When suddenly your love is gone
    And hope has long been lost
    You'll see your life, your pride, your trust
    Is what your weakness cost
    And still you grin your phony grin
    While inside you rot and cry
    But you know the bed you made is yours
    And in it you must lie

    Author Bio

    Just a squirrel trying to get a nut ;)
    And some dope =)


  1. Rickyperth
    This poem was genius and deserves some spotlight. You hit the nail on the head with this one my friend. Good job and good day to you.
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