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The beginning of my long awaited tolerance break

  1. Nickelass
    Instead of being a lil bitch and tapering off kratom, I've decided to just bite the bullet and go cold turkey. I planned on doing a couple grams this morning and whenever I really really need it, but I decided to go without. It's been about 15 hours since I last dosed and I'm sore and anxious and really fidgety, it's a lot worse when I sit and do nothing, surprisingly not that bad if I'm on my feet doing things. Kind of forgot how withdrawling from opioids feels like.

    I'm not looking to completely stop taking kratom or other opioids, just a tolerance break. How long I abstain is something I've yet to determine. Maybe I'll give in 20 minutes (hope not) after I post this or maybe 2 weeks, I have no idea. What I do know is that I am well overdue for a break, with over 4 months of using opioids daily I'm just worn out. I've had my fun over the last 4 months but now it's time to offset that with a little suffering. It's worth it in my opinion to withdrawl, I love opioids too much to not do them. I will do opiates/oids my whole life, I realize that, and I accept it.

    I plan to use low doses of dxm, weed, and ibuprofen to help me through this. This will happen eventually so it might as well be now. This should be fun...

    UPDATE: I ended up getting a good amount of gabapentin. I'm currently on 1200 mg gabapentin on day 2 of withdrawal and I literally don't feel the effects of withdrawal at all. In fact, I'm very comfortable and feel euphoric. Damn I love gaba, especially for withdrawls. I took 900 mg last night and I possibly had the best sleep of my life ( also mixed some dank weed, gaba+weed is one of my favorite combos, such a relaxing feeling). Well, I can definitely go at least a week abstaining from opioids because of the gaba. When I said it would be fun... Well, its actually quite fun. I cannot recommend gabapentin enough for withdrawal. I literally keep forgetting that I'm even withdrawling.


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