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  1. rokman nash
    Dave starts rehab Wednesday(out patient), since he doesn't have to detox. He's not sure what to expect, he's been using oxy/H sparingly lately, hopefully not enough to get sick. so here he goes, into the breach.

    Dave has never done anything like this before(not even close), so has no clue what to expect. He's determined to do this right this time, and quit fucking around here.

    Dave would love to have some words of wisdom to impart here, but he doesn't. He has no clue what happens next, and that sorta excites him. He knows right from wrong, and unfortunately always took the wrong way. so he will let ya'll know whats up as it happens in his thread.


  1. cra$h
    For what it's worth, I'm proud of ya. A lot of people think it takes balls to even try heroin, but they have no clue how much more it takes to stop. Please, keep us updated, good news or bad, we'll do what we can to help out. I know it's tough not really knowing the face behind the screen, but I can ensure you that what you see here will be sincere and from the heart. Plus you get a perspective from people all around the globe that are in the same situation, still recovering, and those who can say how much better life is without dope. Honestly, the best of luck!
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