The Beginning

By Mick Mouse · Jan 18, 2013 ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    OK, a brand new blog with a brand new "objective", if you will! Notice that both the title as well as the description of the blog have been up-dated. No more confusing days, no more simplicity, no randomness as was stated in the title of the old blog!

    No, it is a new day here now, and I am going to make statements on a wide variety of events, happenings, and people-just to name a few things! Razor sharp and lazer-focused, these will be my opinions. As such, I am not requiring or even asking you to agree with me on anything-this is what I think and why. I will, however, absolutely insist that, should you chose to reply in any fashion, you attack ideas and not people. This is basic civility, as well as being forum rules, and any deviation will be promptly reported. Plus, it's my blog, and I get to make the rules!

    I do not necessarily expect my views to be popular. Lets face it, I am 50 years old and the world that I grew up in is dramatically different than the one that a majority of our members have or are growing up in. My views, opinions, values, and almost everything else will be different. And that is just here in this country! If you factor in the effect of differing societies as well, then we might as well be, different countries!

    So, this is going to be what I think and why, and if it makes you mad or upsets you, then I would suggest that you not return after you leave! And remember, it does not have to be fair-rule number one is that my rules do not apply to me. I answer to my conscious, Alfa, and those he has appointed.....and not one other person! Well, except for the wife, of course. And all of the other females in my household (naturally, I'm not totally stupid!). But then, that would be everyone in my house-two dogs, two cats, two birds, two daughters (still at home), and more often than not, the oldest daughter (not at home) and the two girl grand-babies (3 and 6 yrs old). But other than those people.....NOBODY!

    So, here it is, for whatever it may be worth! Much of what you read here will be mine, some may be from others and I just like it or agree with it, some might be your comments or thoughts and replies. My hope is that, regardless of whether it comes from me or you, regardless of whether it is politically correct, sarcastic, prejudicial (NOT racist! there is a difference), opinionated, or anything else, it will be thought-provoking and eye-opening, as well as being worth your time and effort in coming here and reading my words, sharing my thoughts and opinions, and listening to the crap I am spouting at any given moment. You could have chosen to be anywhere else in the forum, and yet you are here. I will try to reward that loyalty in my own unique way, but let me begin by saying "Thank You" and promising that, if you want a nice calm place to relax and unwind-GET OUT NOW!-because this ain't gonna be it! This is the Frying Pan, and it is hot and sizzling here!

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