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By changeling44 · Mar 4, 2013 ·
  1. changeling44
    I have been drinking two protein shakes, and for dinner having 3 ounces of lean meat(chicken) and 1/2 cup vegetables as well as taking a daily vitamin. Along with at least 8 glasses of water and exercise-which right now is on hold because of distgusting broken ankle. I have never taken vitamins or been on some diet I just ate what I wanted. But I see after reviewing many posts I need to straighten up my health and get more sleep as well as take vitamins. I have a doctors appt. so I am going to ask her to write me prescriptions for my high blood pressure and high cholesterol which I have, but quit taking for money reasons.

    The blog is not going to be like any you have ever read. It's really for me and eating the right kind of food, taking vitamins, the right medications is going to take a lot. I even felt like I maybe wanted to stop abusing my opiates but I cannot go there yet. I just can't imagine that. It's like I need them but I abuse them so what am I supposed to do. Maybe they could put a pump in my back so I have no control over whats going in. I know I can't trust myself. Hold up, gotta go for a smoke-cigarette-lol.

    What kind of life would I have had without drugs? That's a huge question, rather philosophical. I have a masters degree which I never put to use and have been on disability for quite a number of years.

    What got me into drugs? I wanted to escape my real life which sucked, I was depressed, my home was dysfunctional as I'm sure a lot of people on DF can relate to. I started with the pot and did that everday even went outside to the quarry at lunch so we could smoke more before the afternoon classes. I came to school drunk and brought it in containers that I could drink from during school. Then went to cocaine-oh geez-that one almost got me-heart attack-luckily I wasn't alone when doing it and I made it through. Then I used speed, followed by shrooms and lsd. Lots of lsd. I don't know how I am even alive. I've been on life support, a couple coma's and the list goes on. I know DF also relates to this.

    I have had car accidents(lots and lots of opiates and morphine drips that has lasted till this day) -the first one being when I was 19-I was hit from behind by a semi then t-boned. My car was brand new, first car, really cheap,-It was a Renault Alliance. Totaled. They don't even make them anymore. Broke both legs-1 ended up having to have a prosthetic knee in one. I broke 4 bones in my back and my seat was laying in the back seat, the seat went forward so hard that coming back it broke and had me lying down in the car in broken glass from the trunk which was totally smashed in. I also have plates and screws in both wrists.

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