the boy not even ASDA would employ

By SuicidalSoldier · Nov 19, 2008 · ·
  1. SuicidalSoldier
    well the title really says it all.
    got a nice little letter today explaining that i dont have what it takes to be part of the ASDA family. sure, i could blame the slow economic collapse in this country. or i could blame it on my criminal record. but no, i don't have anything to blame it on... fuck it eh. fuck asda too swim really doesnt like it./:thumbsdown:

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  1. Micklemouse
    Look at this way, you aint sucking Satan's cock, so you got off lightly! Do you really want to work for one of the biggest non-unionised companies in the world, for piss poor wages & with little if any rights?

    Gotta look on the bright side!
  2. savingJenniB
    SSwiy should be happy ~ energized!
    SSwiy knows there is an incredible opportunity ~ not just a job ~ a whole life waiting for SSwiy just around the bend.

    Don't tally in doubt ~
    Keep trucking.

  3. SuicidalSoldier
    SWIM reckons he'll still be thieving from "Scotlands #1 Store" for a long while yet. yeah, fight the system !! SWIM also thinks his gear is laced with sumthin cause he just slept for 12 hours and cant remember shit. oh well.
  4. discodave
    not declaring your criminal record in the UK is a criminal offence. swim knows, swim has a criminal record.

    however very few positions have the ability to check (working with kids, most teaching positions including teaching adults, driving jobs where you transport the public, public service jobs like police). these jobs always advertise they will check with "crb check required" on their adverts so you know it will happen before even contacting them. some jobs will try and make you go and get a data protection request of your record but it's VERY rare and you can just tell them you had a better offer.

    asda and tesco definately WON'T check your criminal record. i remind you not declaring your criminal record in the UK is a criminal offence and i am not encouraging illegal activity ;)

    btw for down the line, most offences older than 5 years for which a custodial sentence (even suspended) was imposted don't have to be declared, you can answer "no criminal record" without breaking the law. read the rehabilitation of offenders act if swim really cares about when they are legally allowed to not declare their record.

    swim has held a couple of jobs that paid well above average salary with a criminal record. one of them didn't even ask about it.
  5. humdroid
    I heard asda were not taking on paid staff, as the governent was offering free bodies to do the job.
    It's not personal.
    I know loads of talented folk who happen to have criminal records or done time, but many of them have put it behind them to look forward.
    This recession is meaning jobs are coming harder and harder to find.
    It's not a personal thing.
    Loads of employers have sacked me due to not having interpersonal skills, and I respect myself now because I have just beaten another addiction, and am honing my relatively newly found artistic skills to provide for myself, when fit enough.
  6. SuicidalSoldier
    okay well anyhow ive decided thats it. im sitting out this collapse. im not part of a machine, albeit a broken one in vital need of repair. 5 years = spent sentence then...oh well ill keep that in mind when im like...24 :/ cheers folks, am pretty sure that was a boring, and short, read for everyone. gets me some attention though :p
    cheers again
  7. discodave
    it's silly really because dole blaggers can use it as an excuse not to get a job by putting i have a criminal record on the forms when asked and on their cv (lol) and the ones who want to work are forced to lie and put down no, making for another crime - the truth is it's broken like that on purpose. it stops employers who are overly anal about who they have working for them pressuring the government yet it still makes it pretty bloody easy to ignore the law and just keep saying "no" for those with a record who do want to work because it is illegal but unless they tell anyone or are grassed on they are not going to get caught.

    it's also quite easy although very illegal to subvert the system and get those supposedly protected jobs if you think about it for a bit though it's harder and requires deception. luckily no pedos and perverts are doing it and ruining it for the rest of us, hopefully they are too stupid.
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