The case for drug testing in schools

By chillinwill · Aug 19, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Certainly, teens cannot go long without hearing the commonly repeated phrase – users incessantly repeat it - “the government lied about marijuana.” Obviously, with the concept that marijuana is medicinal, and has become pseudo-legal in 13 states, the wrong message has reached our youth.

    This concept is increasingly evident in that it has even been facilitated by a book for users to show to their pre-school children

    This mistaken concept has even encouraged youth to try other drugs. After all, the reasoning goes, “if they lied about marijuana and it’s safe - - - it’s even medicinal, . . . what about other drugs?” A whole new world is opening to our children.

    It’s not just a collision of cultures; it’s good vs. evil.

    Couple this with the mounting stress on the family – pressures we don’t expect to impact our youth do. The talk of war, terrorism, porous borders, a failing economy, unemployment, our president who deceptively spoke in platitudes, yet broke promises from the inception of his administration.

    All this has led youth to distrust the government even more – exactly what America doesn’t need, especially now.

    But it all began three decades ago; the director of NORML, told an Emory University audience that they would be using the issue of medicinal marijuana as a "red herring" to give marijuana a good name.

    It goes deeper than that. There’s a well-financed, deep-pockets (what I labeled) “legalizer cartel” more commonly known as “The Billionaires Three” who are financing a movement to legalize all drugs. They financed the publication of the above book.

    Their own words reveal that they planned to present marijuana as “medicinal” to break down the public’s resistance … resistance to the legalization of all drugs.

    The political atmosphere, our children are growing up in, the rejection of both big government and the traditional political parties, (where the people’s power base once resided) is beginning to draw people toward a new party - the Libertarian Party. My DEA friend labeled them, “the party of eternal adolescence.” Like the Taliban, libertarians would return us to the 17th century – where all drugs are legal. Is this the world we want for our children?

    The well-funded marijuana lobby, like the tobacco lobby, carried out a multi million dollar media blitz which (under the guise of compassion) deceived the populace. Persuasive fraudulent TV ads were well funded by the drug legalization cartel.

    There’re few families who remain untouched by substance abuse. It’s time parents take action.

    Our job, as parents, is to bring up our children as safely, well-rounded - armed to deal with this changing world as best we can. Part of that entails teaching them to leave all the doors open to them . . . . Drug use and abuse slams and locks opportunities from them; we must do what we can to keep our children not only safe, but able to provide for themselves and their future loved ones in a decaying economy.

    All the above is why we need drug testing in our schools. Random drug testing alerts parents to the problem in our children’s schools when they appear.

    When offered drugs, (and they will be), random testing gives them a strong and legitimate reason to reply “No way; my school does random drug testing.”

    Whether it’s curiosity, rebellion or stress, our youth need an easy way to justify making the statements to those who would challenge them; peer pressure is strong.

    Be involved; begin a movement – talk to other parents about starting drug testing in our children’s schools.

    Don’t forget; there is a well-funded movement telling them just the opposite. The Internet has hundreds of thousands of websites that talk of drug use in a positive ways. That “message,” is everywhere they turn. You are the anti-drug movement they can trust but they must hear you talk of it – not just to them, but reinforced by comments to others, in front of them.

    It’s not just pot. Learn the “code words” which your children’s friends may use thinking they can talk to each other without your knowing what they’re saying.

    For your children, for you too, this is a live and death situation. Your children need to understand how life works. Being an advocate, … an activist, is your job – sit them down and explain to them how life works.

    There is evil in this world - those who want your children to try and use drugs are a perfect example.

    By John English
    August 18, 2009
    Portland Examiner

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  1. Makesmefeelbig
    Actually, this highlights a rather scary issue in my opinion- the fact that random drugs tests might be more effective than we think. Many of the people who frequent this forum will take the attitude of "fuck that, I'm not gonna let the government tell me what to do", but SWIM can remember times when he's offered his more sporty friends a spliff and they've declined, on the grounds that they get tested. Often, these are the same friends who say that "if drugs were legal, everyone would do them".

    It really scares and depresses SWIM that there are people he would consider friends who allow themselves (in SWIMS opinion) to be manipulated like that.
    There is evil in the world - Nazi dinosaurs repressing their children's free will under the guise of protecting them is a prime example of this.
  2. SullyGuy
    I thought it was satire a couple times... I was under the impression that "for the children" was a dead horse...
  3. Euthanatos93420
    Yeah well so is the gateway theory but they've managed to cram that in here too in a cleverly reworked fashion
  4. dadrone
    Speaking of a perfect example, Mr. English is a perfect example of someone who favors legalization but doesn't know it.

    Those who want the children to try drugs are illegal drug smugglers, including organized crime all across the world. It's in their best interest that drugs remain illegal.

    The people who want drugs legalized oft include those that want to keep it away from children. After all, alcohol was the hardest drug for SWIM to obtain as an adolescent. Tobacco was the 2nd hardest to obtain.
  5. dadrone
    Update - funny thing... SWIM just saw a Captain Morgan's commercial where three guys are at a party and they've poured some large quantity of Cptn. Mo' into 40 shot glasses on one table.

    Then it says "drink responsibly".

    But anyways - back to the subject at hand, TO HELL with marijuana users!
  6. ninjaned
    swims so mad, he can't think straight.
    their saying that spying on your kids are alright?

    or that pushing your values on your kids and everyone around you is ok?

    or that because swim understands that not everyone enjoys the chemically induced state we call sober he is evil?

    what gives them the right to say these things? what makes them better than any junkie? we're all human beings with no right to control what goes into the bodies of our fellow man.
  7. Euthanatos93420
    Paying attention to your child's development is an imperitive function of parenthood. Yet every parent must decide where to draw the line between privacy and security. Furthermore that also where you draw the line is something you are teaching your child.

    Child? Yes. Pushing? Yes. Enforcing? By the parents: Yes, by the state: no. Because the state, in this case, does not share MY values

    Perhaps...this might be optional per parental consent. Wouldn't it require parental consent anyway?
  8. missparkles
    This is the true evil. The government have perpetuated the myth that all drugs are bad, that's the mistaken concept that leads to addiction. If the government had allowed kids to be educated, truthfully, they wouldn't be assuming all drugs were as safe as marijuana. They would treat all drugs with respect, knowing the damage that could be caused by over use.
    More governmental BS spin.
  9. Euthanatos93420
    Ironically, it's not a 'myuth that all drugs are bad' that is really at the core of the propaganda' effective mind control over the masses.

    It's Idolization. It is the personification of an otherwise inert object with human characteristics, intelligence to commit conspiracy, ability to lie, ability to make people violent.

    When in is the peolpe who are responsible, not the drug. The system would have you believe it holds people accountable for their actions but the system is designed exactly the opposite. It is set up to teach people to blame drugs for their problems and at the same time feel shame for these things they cannot be resonsible for...

    And the cycle of abuse continues...
  10. missparkles
    Sparkles has really been giving this lots of thought over the last few days, and while she still believes that kids aren't educated about the real dangers of drug use, they're just told "drugs are bad, don't take em", she does agree with Euthanatos.
    Whilst Sparkles does admit there are some fuckin' dumb kids around, most would respond to being treated like adults. Treat em like kids and they rebel just to prove how damn grown up they are. Give em a choice and Sparkles thinks they'll make the right one, most of the time.
    There are always gonna be people who behave unacceptably, when they become addicted to a substance they will use that to further justify their bad behaviour. This problem has become worse over the last couple of decades, People see themselves as victims of society, and by extension, victims of drug use. Kids learn this lesson really quickly. We have to to educate them that using drugs is their choice, if they become addicted it's their problem. Not societies. Personal responsibility has to go hand in hand with any drug/substance education.
    Take care.

    Just more insane ramblings from the most crazy ex junkie to ever lift a paint brush. (paint fumes rock;))
  11. Euthanatos93420
    This is part of the idolisation. With anything to which you have a lack of understand/education there is an increased psychological predisposition to personify that because one's ignorance adds mystery to this thing, increasing both it's allure factor and fear factor (for both users and non-users).

    So as a result of the suppression of information we attain:
    -Increased usage
    -increased intolerence of that usage by the rest of the culture
    -increazsed number of injurious/fatal mistakes from use of that drug
    -increased number of users who become regular/addicted

    along with the other things I already mentioned

    You're certainly right. I mean, what better way to advertise drugs than tell children all about how evil and mysterious it is...

    Then they watch star wars and think darth vader is cool...

    End up doing drugs BECAUSE they know they are evil.

    Now WHAT caused this delusion? The Drugs? Or Dare/Frank?
  12. ninjaned
    but are drugs evil? used in moderation and for the right reason(brighten a day, relieve pain, help with work, ect.) drugs are helpful and fun. course not many people use in moderation(including swim)...
  13. Euthanatos93420
    they referring to the person not the drug having a self image defined by the stereotypes of the word 'evil'

    Drugs are objects. it is irrational to personify them with human moralistics.
  14. Euthanatos93420
    Fuck, that's genius (adds to sig).
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