The clubland danger drug - Leeds, England.

By Micklemouse · Mar 22, 2007 · Updated Nov 12, 2010 · ·
  1. Micklemouse
    The clubland danger drug

    A POWERFUL form of the killer dance drug ecstasy has been found in a Leeds nightclub for the first time, the Yorkshire Evening Post can reveal.

    Crystal MDMA, four times the strength of a typical tablet, was found in a police raid on a club which lost its licence this week.

    Police today said they were shocked by the discovery of the drug at the Northern Light club in the city centre's Cross York Street and feared that it will be available in others.


    This is the first time crystal MDMA has been found by police in Leeds.
    Analysis of the drug found dumped at Northern Light found that its purity level was about 82 per cent, compared to the 20 per cent of a typical ecstasy tablet.

    Police believe the extra-strong drug could kill those used to taking the milder tablet.

    Crystal MDMA has the same effects as conventional ecstasy, but is much more rapid, kicking in to raise heart rate and blood pressure after several minutes instead of the usual half an hour.

    Normal ecstasy users cope with the drug by rehydrating with water instead of alcohol, but are very unlikely to have an ability to cope with the crystal form.

    Failure to rehydrate can be fatal, causing heart attacks and other reactions.

    The crystal ecstasy drug recovered from Northern Light is being marketed at about £40 per gram, compared with just £2.50 per tablet of conventional E.

    Det Insp Tony Kaye of West Yorkshire Police said he was very disturbed by the discovery of the crystal MDMA, which stands for methylene dioxy methamphetamine.

    He appealed for anyone with information about drug supplies and dealing to ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

    Yesterday the YEP reported the Leeds Licensing Sub-Committee refused to renew Northern Light's temporary licence after objections from the police.

    Last Updated: 22 March 2007
    By Bruce Smith

    This follows a string of pre-tax year busts earlier in the year

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  1. Bajeda
    Crystal MDMA?

    Extra-Strong and powerful form that kicks in several minutes?

    Can kill people who have no adverse reaction to regular MDMA, even adulterated?

    Hmmm, maybe they just invented a freebaseable hybrid of MDMA, Meth, and PCP.

    Or maybe some reporters are just plain stupid. Whatever the case, please enlighten me as to wtf they are talking about?
  2. Micklemouse
    I wish I knew. The people of Yorkshire have to put up with this crap every day - the newspaper, not the killer drugs that is!
  3. Abrad
    This article reads like it was written by a six-year old.
  4. MrG
    "Police believe the extra-strong drug could kill those used to taking the milder tablet."


    "Failure to rehydrate can be fatal, causing heart attacks and other reactions."

    Hey lets tell the kids to copy Leah Betts and drown themselves with water in a misinformed attempt at harm reduction.

  5. dnb warrior
    this article is suggesting that pills are somehow safer because of the all the impurities making them weaker.
    its like the whole "watch out kids - weed is much stronger than it was 30 years ago, therefore its more dangerous!"

    SWIM lives in leeds and the northern light was one of his favourite venues... unfortunately its now been shut down after some drugs raids. shame.
    the term "mdma" is used to refer to crystals/powder rather than pills around here. it is likely to be much purer and stronger than the pills probably because its less mainstream and doesnt seem to pass through as many dodgy dealers who only care about making quick cash. the people who have access to it tend to have much more idea what they're doing than your average pill-popper
  6. Zaprenz
    "four times the strength of a typical tablet"

    How much do you think they are talking about. It would be MEDIA CLASSIC if they were referring to 120mg tablets because this so called "ecstasy" usually comes in "30mg tablets these days." I don't know - not only is estasy being contaminated with MDMA (sarcasm just to clarify) its now being contaminated at effective doses for euphoria. :eek:

    (I'm not sure what dose they were talking about, if its 400mg or something in a tablet that would make sense to warn people but I'm guessing they are talking rubbish again)

    Thank god pharmaceuticals are not this pure! we'll all be dead! Seriously these people know how to use a word processor? DOSE, PURITY, TABLET, CHEMICAL, maybe they should looks these definitions up in a dictionary.
  7. namooP
    That article is obviously a load of shit, but put MDMA crystals into Joe Pill-Poppers hand and you dont know what hes going to do with it. Like I said eslewhere, SwiM once saw a guy about to snort a line of MDMA that looked to be approaching two grams. It might not have been fatal in itself, but put that much drugs into the body of someone already that stupid and death is a very real possibility. Dont compare your average drug user to yourself, compare them to the sort of people who write that kind of article.
  8. MrG
    ^^^^ A 2g line? What was his name - Dyson?
  9. kumar
    I just like to say hello for this is my first post,

    Swim thinks this is rediculous, there used to be a pill out in sydney (orange mercedeez) in which was a simalar form of ecstasy, the peak was much more pleasing, and felt so much more pure and natural.
  10. The Doors
    This is just another stupid scare tactic that the common citizen will read and believe everything that is fed to them.
  11. Zaprenz
    MDMA crystals should be used carefully yes but this exactly why MISINFORMATION can be far more dangerous. This article confuses terminology and leaves the reader with no better understanding of the differences between ecstasy tablets and MDMA crystals. It is alarmist rubbish with no practical benefit.
  12. Nagognog2

    It's times such as these that learning how to sneeze at will becomes a useful skill to have.
  13. kone
    Classic man :crazy
  14. dre3k
    I love how the news makes Ecstasy (in pure form or tablet) to be some Superpower Drug that "kills". Quote " POWERFUL form of the killer dance drug ecstasy". No im not saying that you can't die from Misusing Ecstasy. Maybe we should start rumors of KILLER Tylenol pop 13 of them and youll be rolling face in your own vomit and then you'll suddenly DIE. And then people will stop taking tylenol?[SIZE=-1]
  15. Micklemouse
    Have you missed the fact that Tylenol contains acetominohen (paracetomol), one of the biggest killers of people with suicidal intent in the world, even at the numbers you quote?
  16. dre3k
    Im mentioning the fact that If you take too much tylenol you can die just as if you take too much ecstasy, yet one you can get over the counter. So which one is safer?
  17. NeonCortex
    Liver damage is the likely outcome of tylenol OD. Kidneys might not be too happy either.
  18. Micklemouse
    The way you posted made it sound like necking 13 Tylenol is a safe thing to do. People can die from taking 13 Tylenol (13 x 500mg paracetomol = 6.5 grams = an overdose, if unlucky potentially fatal) - there is no need to start a rumour, it is a fact. I see your point but please be careful how you word things.
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