The Comeback of a Misunderstood Drug, LSD

By chillinwill · Oct 27, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Getting high with a little help from your friends was a real trip in the 1960’s. This was not the intention of Albert Hofmann, the creator of the hallucinogenic drugs LSD and psilocybin. He’d hoped to explore its therapeutic uses. But they are finally back in the hands of the medical community, picking up where they left off.

    In 1930’s Dr. Hofmann accidentally learned of LSD’s incredible side effects when he absorbed a small amount through his fingertips. He described a not unpleasant intoxicated-like feeling characterized by uninterrupted streams of fantastic pictures, extraordinary shapes and an intense, kaleidoscope of colors.

    It was inevitable that this fantastical mind-altering drug became the center of the 1960’s drug-driven counterculture. To Hofmann’s dismay, it was placed into a restrictive category in the 1970’s by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

    According to this month’s Scientific American, Albert Hofmann finally celebrated the first scientific research in decades one month before his death at the age of 102. Using psychedelic drugs for medical applications, such as treating alcoholism and alleviating intense anxiety for patients with life threatening diseases, are once again being explored.

    The British-based Beckley Foundation is funding and collaborating on such a study at the University of California Berkley. They are assessing how these drugs may foster creativity and investigating the changes in neural activity that go along with altered conscious experiences, using Hofmann’s psilocybin instead of LSD.

    “We chose psilocybin over LSD because it’s gentler and generally less intense,” says Dr. Charles S. Grob, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles who conducted a trial to test the drug’s effects on anxiety in cancer patients.

    “It’s associated with fewer panic reactions and less chance of paranoia and, most important, over the past half a century psilocybin has attracted far less negative publicity and carries far less cultural baggage than LSD.”

    According to, Dr. Grob received his medical degree at the State University of New York Downstate College of Medicine and completed his specialty training at John Hopkins Hospital.

    There had been similar experiments with LSD dating back over 35 years ago, but researchers are basically starting from scratch. LSD is still a trip, but navigated by a well programmed GPS that must meet strict drug protocols and standards.

    October 27, 2009

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  1. papel
    i would love to be a ginipig :p
  2. ness33
    thats an awesome post. Im glad some educated people dont completely ignore the millions of possibilities that lsd or psilocyben
  3. Baked.
    Now what SWIM is waiting for is the medical use of MDMA in therapy. Now that will be something. But psilocybin and LSD are definitely a start.
  4. cra$h
    Wait, Hoffman didn't create psilocybin, did he? Pretty sure he didn't, but besides that I'm diggin this article. From swim's personal experiences he can definitly say LSD has the potential to atleast help alcoholism. But really it depends on the kind of person you are. All in all though I'm glad to see that something currently viewed as "bad" is being taken in a positive light. Really hits me in the heart, being that I aspire to do the same
  5. podge
    No he didnt create it, but he was the first man to isolate it from mushrooms and synthesize it in a laboratory.
  6. cra$h
    ooohhh, Damn, one of the greatest men ever just got even better! Just when I thought it couldn't be done.
  7. Baked.
    Just wondering, how would such a significant experience help cure PTSD? I feel like it would just compoud your problems and cause a bad trip. Then again, SWIM isn't familiar what PTSD is like so any insight would be appreciated.
  8. Spucky
    AW: Re: The Comeback of a Misunderstood Drug, LSD

    They use MDMA in Israel for their Soldiers with a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder!
  9. podge
    When taken correctly , LSD and other psychedelics can help people work through internal issues. With the correct guidance, very negative experiences can be approached and dealt with in a therapeutic way. Also on a side note , in swims experience , "bad" psychedelic experiences have probably revealed more to him about himself than the "good" trips, the ability to see oneself in very unflattering objective terms can be just what a swimmer needs to develop as a person.
  10. corvardus
    "Tough love" tends to be the most valuable in the long run. The bad trips are the mind's way of ensuring you confront what might be called your "inner demons"! :thumbsup:
  11. Savle71
    Question :

    Is there are some problems for pragnent woman to take DMT????
  12. psyche
    Certain and 'official' information is lacking because the substance is not legal. I doubt there is any objective study into that. LSA and LSD are contraindicated during pregnancy, but there isn't certain data either.

    Here's Shulgin on LSD and pregnancy: says about DMT and pregnancy: "There is no good information available. Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding."

    But this is offtopic. You should create own thread for this question. It doesn't belong here and you could get negative reputation for offtopic. I just realized after answering the question it's offtopic and didn't want to delete the info gathered, so there.
  13. Baked.
    Re: AW: Re: The Comeback of a Misunderstood Drug, LSD

    SWIM recently watched the show on the history channel, Hooked: Illegal drugs and how they go that way. I was watching one about MDMA and LSD and they said that 6 hours of therapy is equivalent to a year of therapy without the drug. But too bad the American government is too ignorant to recognize mental health as an actual medical usage. SWIM feels like fixing mental health is more important then easing pain with a narcotic. Unless it's a case where SWIY can't perform daily tasks without the pain killers.
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