The daily phenibut for GAD experiment Entry #1

By Healer · Dec 14, 2014 ·
  1. Healer
    Entry #1

    I've been suffering from GAD my entire life with a major Panic Disorder manifesting itself within the past year. Today actually marks 1 year after my first panic attack. The last 5 years of my life have been nothing but careless and out-of-control polysubstance use as I tried every last chemical I could put into my body to try to self-medicate my GAD. After my most recent sentence into the psych ward which was a direct result of my poor unmanaged attempts at self-medication I realized that using these drugs only further pisses off the anxiety within.

    There are many natural remedies to help prevent anxiety from overflowing and consuming a GAD sufferers life. I've tried everything such as meditation, breathing exercises, maintaining a proper sleep schedule, proper diet, exercise, abstinence from drugs and prescription medications. Ironically the current prescription medications I've tried completely ruin my accomplishments and always result in demotivation, depression, lack of emotion, and rebound anxiety.

    I've given up on modern medicine. The only prescribed medication I use is alprazolam that I will use sparingly for panic attacks and panic attacks only. I've decided to revisit one particular chemical that I have used in the past, Phenibut. I experienced relief from my anxiety related issues in the past, but those experiences are flawed in that I also still had problems with abusing drugs that antagonized my anxiety. I also believe that my phenibut from this experience was cut with another Research Chemical stimulant. I will not disclose the brand that I bought, or how much I bought for what price. I am not being paid or manipulated by any producer of phenibut for this experiment. I am 100% genuine GAD.

    I've gone to great lengths to prepare for this experiment. Over the past weeks I've eliminated many things that may directly result in increased anxiety. I've quit drinking caffeine and now limit my sugar intake. I have quit abusing recreation drugs and discontinued use of my prescribed medications for GAD as they were causing unnecessary side effects and needed to go anyway.

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    A newly converted straightedge user, but still hungry for knowledge about drugs and I want to start to promote harm reduction again, but better than before. I was this year diagnosed for a problem with my brain that's been causing problems over a decade. Finally years of seeing doctors pays off. The diagnosis was scary at first. Personally I just like to read, and learn about things online. About anything. I used to travel a lot for research work. Sadly I don't recall much of it anymore. That just means I have to research more! I blog now and will spending a big chunk of time doing that.

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