The Drink Detective

By Terrapinzflyer · Dec 6, 2009 ·
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    The Drink Detective

    In the wake of the recent seizure by police of 7000 ecstasy tablets possibly headed for schoolies week is another instance that highlights the prevalence of illegal substances and the possibility of drug related violence and date rape instances associated with large events and festivals in Australia.

    Awarded the prestigious Popular Science ‘Best of What’s New’ award from the UK, The Drink Detective is the latest safeguard available in Australia from Pure Natural Health designed to prevent the high number of date rape occurrences annually, making it the must have accessory for anyone who attends large events and festivals each year.

    Summer is nearly here and with it comes the Aussie tradition of large outdoor music festivals along with the perfect setting for predators who for whatever reason find it amusing to spike a stranger’s drink! The Drink Detective is the only test on the planet that detects the most commonly abused drugs that are used to spike drinks for the purpose of rape, robbery or other crimes; and will detect them at quantities that can incapacitate you.

    Quick, easy and accurate to use, The Drink Detective, smaller than a credit card tests for virtually all drugs used in drink spiking, including GHB, Ketamine and the family of more than 60 benzodiazepine drugs such as Rohypnol, Xanax and Valium. Placing a drop of the drink onto The Drink Detective card provides an immediate result, making this the ideal companion for any night out.

    Drink spiking is an increasing problem in Australia, effecting upwards of 4,000 people a year. An Australian study conducted by CASA House has indicated that as many as 40% of women believe that they have had a drink spiked in the past, or that an attempt has been made to spike their drink. It is a crime that is extremely difficult to prove.

    Most of the drugs used in drink spiking will be gone from the system by morning leaving no traces behind and making it impossible for the police to find the culprits. The Drink Detective is the answer to this problem, detecting the drugs before they ever enter the system.

    “Until now, drink spiking has been risk-free for the perpetrator” says Endree Saade of Pure Natural Health, “The Drink Detective sends a message to all potential drink spikers out there – you will be caught!”

    “People have every right to feel safe when they are out, and the Drink Detective gives that extra piece of mind. It’s simple to use, quick and effective, fits into your purse and costs less than the price of a drink. Our aim is to make The Drink Detective something that everyone carries to ensure that these eagle-eyed predators think twice about committing this crime.

    The ‘Spike Me Not’ (SMN) program is currently being set up, designed for licensed premises (bars and clubs) that will be actively seen to be taking action against drink spiking.

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