The drugs that changed Swims life.

By enhancion01 · Nov 2, 2008 ·
  1. enhancion01
    Ecstacy: The first drug swim ever tried at 14. That put him on a totally different path then he had known his entire life. It introduced him to the drug subculture he lives in today.

    Weed: After experimenting with every major drug around swim found he loved the weed. It kept him from getting into the hard stuff from about 14-21. "Weed was SWIMS Anti drug".

    Methamphetamine: Swim lost his weed supply for good. (was free weed)
    Swim went to jail for 6 months and came out with no tolerence to it. Swim tried smoking it again but just didint like it. Swim had played with about a month long meth binge b4 he went to jail. Now its the only drug he cares to do. Swim has been using Meth for about 2 years now. At first he was just doing any drug he could get his hands on, the poisan of the day. Now its become his drug of choice. Swim doesent understand how he went from being the biggest pothead ever, hating and wanting nothing to do with any tweakers. To it being the only drug he wants to do. Swim no longer hangs out with his pothead friends b/c without the weed theres really nothing in common. Now he rides around with tweaked out chicks in the fast lane. Swim doesent even buy meth. Girls get it for him and just give it to him, the past week swim probably smoked half a ounce between 6 people and didint pay for anything. Swim never had the problems he has now when he was on pot. The dope world is on a completely different level. Swim almost wishes people would quit giving it to him. Cuz swim wont say no to free dope lol. Its odd though... when its not in front of him he doesent care about it, swim can go without it, he doesent go on missions or looking to get high. The drugs just seem to find swim, and when its in swims face he will do it.

    Those 3 drugs probably influenced swims life the most.

    LEGALIZE WEED!!!!!!!!

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