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  1. Nickelass
    After 5 days of abstaining from opioids, I decided it's been a long enough break to get my tolerance down at least a little bit. I took 250 mg of tramadol this morning and am feeling fantastic. My tolerance is low enough to the point where I can actually nod off tramadol again which is somerhing I've been unable to do for about 3 months.

    It felt good to be on break from opioids. It allowed me to actually feel what it's like to not be high on painkillers. I would say it allowed me to clear my head but then again I was constantly high on Gabapentin and weed, if anything my head was more fogged than if I continued to just use opioids. I can barely remember anything over the last 5 days, but nonetheless the gaba and weed helped tremendously for withdrawl and I wasn't uncomfortable or had cravings basically the entire time. There's no way I would have lasted long without Gabapentin or weed, the Gabapentin helped much more than the weed I'de say so without the gaba I might have lasted a couple days. I could take or leave the weed for withdrawl.

    For now it's back to the old grind I suppose. I want to try to avoid using large amounts of opioids and use them less often, especially now that I have access to gabapentin for the days I want to take a break.


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