The end of the rope?

By bcubed · Oct 4, 2008 · ·
  1. bcubed

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  1. bcubed
    Just a clarification: this isn't an implicit suicide letter in any immediate sense, but as for starting a family/finding love/etc, if I'm still here at 40 (3.5yrs) it's too late: they've won.
  2. Metomni
    What exactly happened? Like injury wise, I'm kind of confused why it all went downhill. What surgery did you have? I wasn't aware there are surgeries for sleep disorders that would hurt you in other places.
  3. bcubed
    I'm sorry. I've been dealing with this for a while, have been able to keep the proverbial "stiff upper lip" minus a few notable exceptions (such as this one).

    I'm feeling these emotions less intensely today.

    I do have to get this resolved ASAP, however, due to psychic strain...prehaps the best bet is the med mal doc. As stated, this is potentially a big case, and it never pays to underestimate the power of greed...
  4. old hippie 56
    40 is not too old to find love. Take it from someone who been there.
  5. Ididnotinhale
    Hey Bud,
    I know someone who is in a fairly similar situation.

    He's definetly thought about ending it all, but his family still loves him imensly and I know it would hurt them more than anyone can imagine.

    Whenever you think about suicide, just think about the people who love you and how much it would hurt them. Suicide is selfish in my opinion.

    He had a head injury. The doctors kind of fucked up on the surgery to repair the area between the skull and the neck , but he knows they did the best they could. Everything was perfect for a week, then something went out of order and a massive amount of pain suddenly came on. The pain made it hard to sleep and have conversations with others. He realized that he couldn't live like this and started on pain meds.

    After hearing how great opiate highs are, He abused them along with my girlfriend one time. He told me it was the best he ever felt, and the worst decision he ever made.

    He started blowing them. Then buying more. His source ran out and then someone told him about poppy tea. Everyday he spent about an hour preparing and drinking the mutha f#cking tea. I could tell he was always worrying about when his next shipment is going to come in and if he was going to have to go through wd.

    He is less fun to be around now I know that he know this. And for the first time he's not making friends and losing old friends.

    When I talk to him, he tells me that he has no way to meet girls and he feels like he is going to end up just a lonely addict.

    He has told me that his life is falling apart. It's pointless. But luckily, with my help, his life is being turned around. He is decreasing the amount of poppy tea that he is consuming and starting to work hard.

    His life used to revolve around opiates, but luckily with his passion, help from friends, and a tiny bit of luck,his life is turning around.

    I thought I would share this story because, my friend was so close to suicide, and now things are turning around. By saving his life, he not only save his own life, but saved the happiness of all of his friends and loved ones.

    I wish you the best luck on your journey and I know that everything will turn around in time if you take the first steps.
    Good look with everything.

    Just so you know. Your reading is very interesting and you seem like a smart and caring person. I'm sure you will find someone. I would do everything you can to suround yourself with others. Join a few groups, volunteer, join a team...etc You will find someone.

    Good luck my friend
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