the evolution of a man

By Mick Mouse · Aug 15, 2015 ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    Yes, St Dismas Novitiate has undergone a drastic change, and has become Ophiuchus. A small and simple explanation can be found in the thread "what does your screen name mean....?"

    But as a famous man once said "Change is not inevitable, it is essential. Why fear it or fight it, when you can embrace it and move forward?"

    More to come.

    OK, I should probably finish this particular topic. Although things have turned out far different that I had anticipated when I began this. But, in essence, things have come full circle. As they always do! I had lost track of that, somehow. But every beginning has an end, just as every end has a beginning. Our thoughts and attitudes, our lives, hell....the very multiverse we exist in-all cyclical. If you travel far enough, you eventually come back to where you started.

    For me, and for our purposes here, the full circle is Mick Mouse. That was the original name I had here when I first became a member, over a decade ago. Many things have happened since then, causing many changes in my life. But in truth, the cycle started far earlier than this, it began when I was a child, and my life has evolved in directions determined by fate and circumstance based on those determining events. This evolution took a downward trend, and I progressed to drugs, alcohol, violence and brutality, sociopathy/insanity/PTSD, etc. But along the way, I also picked up an incalculable amount of knowledge and experience. And the way my brain is wired, it was just a matter of time before I lost interest in those things.

    "Lost interest in those things......" That sounds so fucking simple. The truth is that there is no easy way back, and many things-such as fear and embarrassment-stood in the way of a return. In fact, it took 40 years to find my way back to some semblance of .....rationality, if not sanity. But regardless of all of that, the circle has come complete, as it was meant to be. Mick is back. Happy and reasonably satisfied, no longer searching for forbidden knowledge or treading down dark paths, reasonable and logical, and absolutely stuffed with experiences and knowledge/info that was acquired during my vacation in Hell!. Of course, the fact that I traveled those dark paths right to the very end and even charted some new ground means nothing.....there will be nobody saying I did things by half measures! LOL!

    So, where have I been? What has acted to cause this "sea change" in me? Well, that is both hard and simple to answer. The short answer is that I took a voyage of exploration. I went searching for some simple things, and I didn't stop until I found them. As I said in my first post back, I have found my "Cayo Loco". I spent time on a deserted beach, with nothing and nobody except myself. I laid out on the deck of a Tall Ship and watched the Southern Cross wheel by. I met a wide variety of quite interesting characters, some of whom helped me and some of whom stood in my way. I tried to recreate the life of Tully Mars, only to discover that adventure is a truly and intensely personal experience, and searching for someone elses adventure is an exercise in futility.

    But suffice it to say that I have climbed mountains and staggered through valleys, I have danced by the seaside and fell in love with life again, I have traveled near and far. I dropped almost every aspect of my old life and set out to find......something. And did I find it? Hell, I don't really know. But I DO know that when I came back to the job and responsibilities of "normal" life, It was with a smile and a light heart. You ever see one of those people who just looks like they know a secret? Well, that is how I feel! I know what truth and happiness is.

    I have also found that, as I have mentioned here before, the music has returned. So, givern that, I would say that the most appropriate song for the new me would have to be "Salty Piece of Land". Although "another Trip Around the Sun" might be just as applicable.

    In any event, the circle is complete. Acuna Matada, or whatever that Lion King movie said. And I am looking forward to my time here again!

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