the federal government and its crap

  1. beentheredonethatagain
    let me start by saying that I appreiciate the country that I know as home. In fact I Love it.

    I dont always like the laws , primarly the thinking behind locking up the citizens who enjoy a stimulant or a trip into thier own being.

    No law can gun you down in order to encroce the peoples freedom to eat, drink, and be merry.

    the alcohol prohibitations did not make sense, it did make a bloody time in history.

    the world is not a better place for having prisons full of its people that are caught with a substance that he finds interesting.

    fuck sakes the harm the penal system thrusts upon the person is far worse than the actual neg effects of the substance.

    the wasting of our people, our money, our happiness is a crime against you and me and those who are stuck in the box.

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  1. Pope Albacore
    Yes, but what do we do about it?;)

    -Pope Albacore
  2. DopinDan
    Very true, but prohibition serves The State and The Corporations, and also Drug Prohibition is Global, through the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961. Many people do not even know this. The "Single Convention" has the balls to tell coca chewers of South America, that coca chewing must be eradicated within 25 years. Obviously that did not happen.

    A basic question though is, where do those that form treaties such as the single convention get their authority? They are not even elected.

    In SWIMs opinion they have no true authority, they have been told they have authority by someone else, and the public has been tricked into thinking agents of the government have "authority", and this is what gives them their artificial authority.

    The masses need to wake up to the fact that government is like the wizard in The Wizard of Oz. A little man behind a curtain, a paper tiger, that will die, once the masses no longer feed it with energy.
  3. Master_Khan
    It is high time then to refresh the tree of Liberty with the blood of Patriots and tyrants.
  4. dyingtomorrow
    Totally agree.

    SWIM is a strong proponent of State's Rights - that states should be allowed to experiment with laws, and that there should be no Federal Laws concerning crimes of "morality." SWIM realizes that this will result in some fucked up states, but in the long run SWIM believes that this kind of true experimentation with the law will show everyone the best social path.
  5. Dissociative
    I think that laws that 'protect' people from themselves are unconstitutional to begin with. Things like, motorcycle helmets, seat belts, and many drugs. I think its ok for people who are underage to have these laws, especially things like children's car seats. But whether or not someone wheres their seat belt or not doesn't hurt anyone except that person.

    This goes along with drugs, some drugs should remain illegal. Things like pcp and other drugs that can cause harm to other people that are around that person. I also think that driving should be illegal while on drugs. It would be great, but it would be a radical change, and we would end up an addicted world.
  6. Greenport
    You're right about that - and you should write your local congressman or equivalent about that one ;)
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