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The first note SWIM found in the Vault...

By silentghost · Jan 19, 2008 · ·
  1. silentghost
    (This note was partially erased when SWIM found it but SWIM will try and read it)

    End it.

    I think I really have [strange] tendencies. I probably need help and a lot of it. I want to end the [experience] of life and relax forever, however, it is human nature to always resist such an end.

    (scribbles unreadable)

    Since I was little I have always wondered why it was the governments of the world allow alcohol. It is a potent, dangerous, addicting, drug that destroys more lives and kills more people then marijuana. I have personally found it easier to get and abuse then tobacco or other drugs.

    Alcohol is a depressant. It is my opinion that it depresses people. Depressed people are more submissive, don't you think? Sure theres a drunken brawl, but it's not a political movement ready to challenge the fabric of society. Why did people fight the alcohol prohibition and get it repealed after such a short time? It was unenforceable, messy, more trouble then it was worth.

    Alcohol is the greatest influence that humanity will ever have.


  1. Cakes
    behold the power of microbial pee.

    resigned. and so we are sometimes less willing to speak out and gain new ground- but also much less able or willing to give up what ground we have. The more I have, the more I can give I think. it doesn't bother me to give it all away because i know i can get more when i need it.
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