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  1. Jaden
    Hey everyone

    Swim came across this site a couple of days ago whilst browsing the web for information about Amphetamine addiction. Swim thinks this is a great site and beleives it would of been a god send to many people.

    Swim has decided to seek help with Amphetamine addiction and has learnt so much already off different forums
    Swim probably would of put it off again but swim says this site has given them the push that was needed.

    Swim was scared of doing it alone because noone close to swim really knows the full extent of the addiction some of swims friends dont even know .

    Swim feels stronger now because of the support available on here and does not feel like they are facing it alone.

    Swim has an appointment next Wednsday with a key worker, so swim will keep a post of progression.

    Swim would welcome any advice


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