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  1. SuicidalSoldier
    well.. i still woke up alone.
    still feel worthless.
    still feel unattractive.
    still wish i hadnt fucked up my past relationships, however i done it.
    and yet, i feel at peace at the moment over it.
    maybe thats because SWIM took 1 5k1(temazepam-10mg) and a cupple 5mg yellow diazepam that he's scripted. now hes doing the weights and working out til he can get a hold of a certain person who owes him 20 bucks towards SWIM's owed money. but its okay, swim assures me his guy is cool with bein payed whenever cause he knows he always pays up. but SWIM is paranoid that this guy is dodgin his 20.

    other than that thanks to all the good vibes sent my way yesterday when i felt so low. maybe the doctors have finally found the right combo(cept swim wants higher doses of his script diazepam[50mg/day jus now] cause tolerance and stuff. bein put upto nitrazepam would also be his 1st choice.

    good vibes of the universes' energy sent out to you all :thumbsup:


  1. SuicidalSoldier
    thanks to all the good vibes, but special thanks to missmogadon/miss suicide blonde for keepin me just above the dark thoughts
  2. msmogadon
  3. savingJenniB
    Sometimes leaving someone owing you a little money is the best way to effectively remove them from your life.

    Good bye and Good Riddance

    P.S. From where I'm standing ~ You do not sound worthless.
    And I find you quite attractive!

    Life is Good!
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