The Ganja Man!

By Garethn · Feb 10, 2010 · Updated Feb 10, 2010 · ·
  1. Garethn
    Cannabis charge man was nicknamed Ganja

    A Milford Haven man who acquired the nickname Ganja because of his heavy drug use was described as “the most honest and co-operative person you could meet,” by his defence lawyer on Tuesday.

    Graham Wood, of 49 Prioryville, pleaded guilty at Haverfordwest magistrates court to charges of both possessing and supplying cannabis.

    Prosecutor Ellie Morgan described how police executed a search warrant at Wood’s home on Wednesday, January 13.
    “The defendant handed over a carrier bag which contained 85 grams of herbal cannabis,” she said.

    “Police gave this a street value of £485.”

    Ms Morgan said another person on the premises, Thomas Matthews, had 9.1 grams of cannabis on him, which police valued at £20.

    She said that during police interviews, Mr Matthews claimed Wood had sold him the drugs, something the defendant admitted during his own interview.

    “The defendant admitted he had been a heavy user since school and used cannabis every day.

    “He has acquired the nickname Ganja because of this and claims he covers his purchases with his wages from Lidl, where he works.”

    Defence lawyer Mark Layton said for his client to sell cannabis was a one-off occasion.

    He described Wood, 23, as “honest and co-operative”, and said he had not touched cannabis since his arrest.

    “He says he has not found it difficult and feels better for not using it, and he has no intention of returning to using it again.
    Mr Layton said his client had been very concerned about appearing in court and wouldn’t be appearing before magistrates again.

    He added the value of the 85 grams had been given at the maximum possible street value, and in reality was worth “substantially less”.

    Wood was sentenced to a 40-hour community order and ordered to pay £45 prosecution costs.

    1:20pm Saturday 6th February 2010

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  1. chillinwill
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  2. Insomniacsdream
    Thats a very generous estimate of street value. Only time I have ever seen the media/police be so far under instead of their usual massively over.
  3. Motorhead
    This is really odd actually. The vast majority of the time LE reports on a bust they greatly inflate the estimated street value in order to make it appear that the are making some kind of head-way in the battle against trafficking.

    It must be noted however they usually do the inflating with very large busts, usually by multiplying the gram value of the dope by the amount of grams found in however many kilos of dope they confiscated. They don't take into account the wholesale process of the black market. Sometimes they will print a grossly exaggerated amount of joints that would be taken off the streets.
  4. Anna Thema
    OK heres the boring maths bit.

    If Ganga man has 85g worth £485.00 then his 1g is valued at 485 divided by 85
    £5.71 (approx) per gram

    Now if Thomas Matthews has 9.1g worth £20.00 then his 1g is valued at 20 divided by 9.1

    £2.20 (approx) per gram.

    All figures are rounded up to 2 decimal places

    This is NOT a price discussion, this is maths.

    Honestly theres no way these figures can make sense. If you say that ganga man splits his 85g up into 9g bags ie 9 lots of 9g with 4g left over then ganga mans 85g is valued at £180
    if you value Matthews weed at ganga mans value then his 9.1g is valued at £51.96 (approx)

    Now selling and possessing marijuana is illegal in the UK and as such the police and the CPS have every right to prosecute these people for commiting a criminal act.
    But how can your trust a legal system that cant even count!
  5. Motorhead
    We do not edit news articles for prices. We do know that police reporting of prices/value is not accurate one way or the other. Keeping the discussion to the math at hand is fine, but lets not see anyone posting their own mathmatical values please!
  6. Anna Thema
    Thanks for understanding the point being made Motorhead, thought you would, but also felt duty bound to explain this is not a price discussion.

    However Swim has found the source for the valuation of ganga mans weed
    Under Drug prices; cannabis; UK cannabis price trends 1994-2008

    Independant Drugs Monitoring Unit; a drugs pricing research company, dealing with many cases in courts acting as expert witnesses.

    The £5.71/g price is close to their quoted 2008 cannabis price per ounce for skunk in the UK (they say in 2008 skunk was valued at approx £5.20/g for an oz)
    The IDMU hasnt released it 2009 prices yet but they will be coming out soon.
    But the price of Matthews weed still doesnt make sense. If the police are going on the IDMU value then 9g = 1/3 oz should be roughly £40+ (at this point converting 1/3oz to 1/4oz relative is more than my brain wants to do)

    For what its worth the Independant Drug Monitoring Units website makes fascinating reading, Ok maybe fascinating is pushing it a bit, but definately interesting.
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