The good side of ecstasy

By VincentVan · Feb 23, 2007 · ·
  1. VincentVan
    Belive it or not but this bit of information comes from Newsweek ( european edition, February12 ,2007 page 8).

    - Taking ecstasy is dangerous, right? Maybe not. A Harvard study has found that when isolated from alcohol or illegal drugs, the long term effects of popping MDMA may be virually nonexistent. And Harvard researchers are now even examining whether the drug can help alleviate anxiety and pain in terminal cancer patients.
    "There is nothing like this in psychiatry, a fast acting, anti anxiety medication that makes people alert and talkative," says Julie Holland, a psychiatrist at New York University´s Medical Center.-

    With this kind of news coming from Newsweek who can accuse the DF of advocating the use of illegal substances?


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  1. Nagognog2
    Glad to see it hit the mainstream feeders.

    Regards your question: As an attorney once explained to me, she asked a prosecutor how he could persue a totally ridiculous case based on race and mistaken identity. The prosecutor said to her- "We can prosecute anyone at anytime for any reason. It is our right." Unfortunately, the attorney had to concede that legally speaking in the USA, the prosecutor was right.
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