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The hardest week of my life

By trippymindfuk · Sep 22, 2015 · ·
  1. trippymindfuk
    I have just had the hardest week of my life. I became homeless, got in to a few arguments with my mom, got the cops called on me 3 times in 3 days.....got arrested once, which means that I violated my felony probation.....I had to stay in a shitty motel for 2 nights, then I stayed in a trap house for a few days where the cops were also called once over some dumb drama and I hid in the bathroom.....Oh, I also lost my job where I got into an argument with my mom and the cops showed up. I also slept outside one night. I am currently at my best friend's house. I have a warrant and can't stay here long so I am going to turn myself in next week. I have to do a year and a half to 2 years. I have got 14 months in on this charge so I know how to do time....This shit is nothing new, I'm tired of it....ready to get this charge out of the way and move on with my life.....


  1. sangman
    Hi man noway you can avoid the jail that scucks do some jail time myself so hanging in there.and dont let them grind you down. I used to fall out with parents all the time they were no nice people. Once my fdad tried to teach me a good lesson and prepared himself for battle with me
    By the way I was 25 at the time and not living at home and ran at me and tryied to grab my balls
    , anyway I wasnt having anyof that and gave him a good push. If he had been anyone else 5hey would have got more than a push. Next thing I know people are telling me
    I am rotten because I tried to beat my dad up so from then on i had very little to do with them. One time they testefied against me and got me 3 months. To them I was allways a long haired lout a good for notthing. Even when I had my own business they tried to find fault. Why am I telling you this we'll just to let you know you are not 5he only one getting a hard deal so hang in.
  2. Cwb20022
    I see you havent logged in for a bit. And i really hope you did turn yourself in. Prison sucks man. Lets face it. But for allot its easier then probation or parole. Cuase it eliminates the factor of choice. Which is the hardest part.

    Theres many people i know that would choose jail over probation.

    Get it over and done with. While it sucks. Try and make the most of it. Get schooling. Learn a trade. Take all the anger management classes. And just make the most of it.

    Try not to stay down. Do EVERYTHING you can to better yourself.

    Good luck. Peace. I wish you the best.
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