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  1. John Doe
    The head shop 'timebomb'

    THE spread of head shops has finally shown that this Government may be incapable of sorting out any of our problems.

    What have they done to curb this serious health risk to mainly young people? Absolutely nothing.

    OK, the shops are legal, but speak to any city garda, casualty officer or psychiatrist and they will paint a terrifying picture of increased violence, psychosis and, more frighteningly, of a timebomb ticking away since these shops opened.

    They and their products are already illegal in certain European countries. So what can the Government do?

    As a GP I know any prescribed drugs noted to have serious side effects will be suspended while undergoing investigation. If shown to be harmful, they will be banned. Every dog in the street knows that head shop substances have serious health and safety implications that will cause loss of life, directly or indirectly .

    The Health Minister should suspend their sale immediately until they are investigated and assessed.

    Are politicians so paralysed with indecision and respect for red tape that they will just sit on their hands and watch our young people suffer?

    A government of action? Prove it?

    Aidan Hampson
    Artane, DUBLIN 5
    Irish Independent
    Tuesday April 06 2010



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