The Heroes of Woodstock Festival - A Trip Report

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    The lunatic typed up this experience report, and asked me to post it to keep is identity anonymous.

    Substance: 2c-e and cannabis

    Dose: 12mg followed closely by another 8mg

    Age: 25

    Body weight: 120 lbs

    Prior drug experience: 2c-b, 2c-i, 2c-e, 2c-p, 4-ho-met, 4-aco-mipt, DOC (only once, and a low dose), 4-aco-dmt, 4-ho-mpt, 5-meo-dalt, countless shroom trips, numerous LSD experiments, and a couple DMT experiments, DiPT, cannabis (frequent use off and on since the age of 14, though the past couple years its turned into pretty moderate use), MDMA (on rare occasions), and many other unrelated drugs that I'm not going to take the time to recall.

    Set: Excellent mood, high with anticipation.

    Setting: The Heroes of Woodstock festival, with Jefferson Starship, Canned Heat, Big Brother and the Holding Company (Cathy Richardson singing the music of Janis Joplin), Grateful Dead cover band with Grateful Dead's Tom Constanten, and hosted by Country Joe McDonald. (plus other bands). I was accompanied by two friends.


    We got to the festival at about 2:00 p.m., set up camp, and went to listen to the bands for a while to get a feel for the setting, and meet some like minded people.

    At about 5:00 in the evening, some pretty gnarly clouds started to roll in. We decided to drop 12 mg at 5:30 anyway. By 6:00 it started to storm...and not just any storm. One hell of a storm. We got in the car, and I checked my phone to see how long it was going to last. The Weather Channel's web site said that it would be about an hour long, with isolated thunderstorms till 9:00, and scattered thunderstorms until midnight...we didn't care. This was a rain or shine event!

    Not long after the storm started, I looked out the back of the car to see our tent blowing away in the high winds. What fun this was going to be!

    All three of us got into the tent to anchor it down until the storm passed. The wind and lighting was crazy. One companion started to get a little scared, saying "This is tornado weather and we're in a freakin tent!" I responded, "Yea, but at least we'll hear it coming out here (unlike in the car with music going)." And proceeded to laugh. The 2c-e was kicking in now at about 6:30ish...I was laughing at everything. She looked a little worried, and so I told her, "Look, there is a ditch right over there we can run to. There is nothing to worry about. Even if there is a tornado, it's not like you can do anything about it. Just have fun!" And after that she did. None-the-less, we did decide that the inside of the tent probably wasn't the best place to be (it felt like we could blow away at any moment!), so we got out, laid the tent down flat (with much difficulty), and backed the car over it so it wouldn't blow away.

    Finally, at about 7:00 the storm passed, but we decided to leave the tent down, as the sky still looked quite ominous (though it didn't storm at all afterwards...just a couple light sprinkles here and there, and lots of lightning visible in the distance). We each took another 8 mg at this point, and proceeded to walk around the festival.

    The clouds were amazing, and fast moving, but there was just enough light shining through at some places to give everything really vibrant colors (at least in our eyes). The grass was so green...I can't even describe how incredibly green it was. Then there was a pond that had a deep blue-green color to it, which also looked amazing.

    The bands started playing again at about 7:30. We went to get some blankets to sit on, and we laid back and watched the clouds pass for what seemed like hours. The clouds were dark in some places, and lighter in others, and they were moving, and changing really fast. We started playing a game to see what all we could spot in the clouds, which was really interesting to say the least, and kept us cracking up for a good while. I kept seeing all sorts of faces that would morph wildly from one face, to another face, to something completely different. It was impossible to tell what was wind blowing the clouds, and what was morphing from the psychedelic, but the whole sky was utterly insane!

    At this point I lost all track of time. We eventually decided to get up and walk around. The scenery was magnificent. There was a large grass area with small hills, and the shades of the grass kept moving around. Then there was the pond...the wind kept blowing across it, and with the light shining from where it was, it made incredible patterns in the deep, blue-green colors. I sat and watched for the longest time, mesmerized by how the wind could make such amazing patterns.

    I continued to sit at the pond and stare in wonder until the sun began to set. The clouds had cleared just enough to allow for a magnificent sunset of deep orange and red, that seemed to compliment the colorful scenery to perfection. As I sat there watching, I thought to myself that this day couldn't have been any better for a trip. I contemplated the magnificent power of the storm we were in, and how small and insignificant I am in this world as I watched the cumulonimbus clouds drift away into the distance.

    I then looked down at the grass, and started running my hands through it. I had vivid imagery going through my head of single cells, and the biochemical interactions that fuel their complexity. The cells multiplied, and together formed this greater organism that we call grass. I could vividly imagine all of these cells multiplying and working together to carry out a greater function for their survival, all to the beat of the music. It was incredibly awe-inspiring.

    As the sunset faded, I watched the tree limbs sway and move, fractalize, and morph to the music, with a nice red glow in the background sky to compliment it. Before trying psychedelics, I never would have thought it possible to see such beauty, or to feel so deeply about anything.

    After this, I watched the show for a couple of hours, and then we all met back up, and went to the camp site. We walked around, and mingled with strangers. We sat around a camp fire in a drum circle for a while. I couldn't play, as I have wrist problems, but I was completely entranced by the beat. I closed my eyes, and cleared my mind, and just sat there, filled with pure wonder and bliss beyond description.

    Things started to die down at some point, and my companions and I went back to the vehicle. We didn't feel like putting the tent back up in the dark, so we just slept in the car. It wasn't easy to sleep, but we eventually managed to drift into our dream worlds at some point.

    The next day we all had a peaceful afterglow. Colors everywhere still seemed radiant, and we all just felt so relaxed, and at ease. We listened to the bands play, and wandered around, still mesmerized by the night before. Truly a legendary experience that will go down as one of the greats.

    P.S. The bands were all fantastic!

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