The Hierarchy

By D0pe · Apr 28, 2014 · ·
  1. D0pe
    The Hierarchy

    A lot of people who are quite grossly uninformed refer to me as a dork, dweeb or nerd. I come here to tell you that I am not any of those. I am a Geek! The terms are not interchangeable. There is as much difference between a nerd and a dork as there would be between a cat and a lizard.

    It would be like referring to a person of Japanese ancestry as Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese or Filipino. There is a hierarchy, and each one is different and unique. Email if you disagree with any of the classifications. As much as I hate cliques and social classifications I feel that it is of the greatest necessity that this rhetorical faux pas cease. Most of the labels are self-presented anyway. You can not just lean before the queen and she taps a sword and you rise as a Geek. It is a personal decision that must be reached after a long spiritual struggle.

    Nerds- Nerds are on the top of the pecking order. They are math, science and technically oriented, and are the rare ones who can make a living off of what they do. Most nerds are also very skilled with one or more computer related abilities.

    Geeks-Geeks are next on the list. Geek knowledge is very specialized and usually oriented around one specific thing, which is usually media related (i.e. Comic Book Geek, Star Trek Geek, Star Wars Geek, Film Geek, etc.) and that is where GeekLama fits in.

    Dorks-Dorks are just the people who for one reason or another are outcasts in general and do not fit in to any other category.

    Dweebs- Dweebs are the people who geeks and nerds make fun of. The ones with no social skills who are so far removed that they have no hope of anything and are stuck in their own little world. A nerd or geek can also be moved down immediately to Dweebhood if they pathetically lack social skills or have a pompous aura about them. Know-it-alls who treat other people poorly also fall in to the category of dweeb, as well as people who throw temper tantrums over minor things (especially when they are proven wrong). Most people who are dweebs do not realize the status they have.

    So now you know and knowing is half the battle.

    Bah... I guess i am a Computer Nerd and have mastered life !! And a Drug Geek that knows what they are talking about but outside of controlling it personally huh ??

    A useless ranting for a blog..

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  1. Dunne11
    Nice blog. Not a useless rant.
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