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"The high seas" 30 tons of Hash found burning at sea

  1. Basoodler

    A group of smugglers set fire to their cargoship containing an estimated 30 tons of hashish as Italian police attempted to apprehend the vessel, according a report from the Telegraph.

    Sailing under the Tanzanian flag, the MV Gold Star was monitored by police for three days before boats and aircraft were sent out to apprehend the ship. The ship’s nine-man crew then began to set fire to the cannabis concentrate before diving overboard into sea.

    “Setting fire to the cargo and then jumping in to the water, far from the coast, is something we’ve not seen in 30 years,” said a police spokesman. “It was very strange ehavior and we are trying to figure out what exactly made them do it.”

    The fire lasted 24 hours before being put out, providing the island residents of Malta with a proper head-change for the day.



  1. garda_charas
    ;) No cargo, no proof so no charge can be brought against them if caught.:vibes:
  2. Basoodler
    Could you imagine being on an island downwind of this? If there we an island close enough.

    Btw the fact that the hash was burning wasn't going to destroy evidence. I am sure the italian LE had enough proof from their survailance to make a case before they started. The fact that can't possibly destroy all traces from 30 TONS of hashish also factors into it. I mean there is going to be resin oils in the water, ash and debris and a trail of thc rich smoke that can all be used as evidence.

    That's probably why the crew said fuck it and jumped into water.. I assume that the italians were much less of a threat to the crew than the owners who just lost 30 tons of product.
  3. garda_charas
    Half the world does not have advanced forensics nor do the people know about it. So people from that part believe that destroying evidence is best.
  4. Basoodler
    I understand that.. I just wanted to point out that prison would probably be better than having to face the dude who owns the 30 tons of dope you just burned.

    I can't even start to estimate a value for 30 tons of hash
  5. garda_charas
    That is a very interesting question unless the owner of the consignment was along but tell me one thing, if it did get caught and people involved got caught. The owner still loses and the cops can have 30,000 Kgs to enjoy.
  6. Basoodler
    True, but normally drug smugglers are hired because based on their ability to evade anyone who may want to interfere in the safe passage of the shipment.

    Precautions are put in place based on the risk, and I assume 30 tons of product would have motivated the owner to take steps to equip the crew with equipmemt that would alert the crew of such activities. This capability is demonstrated by him having 30 tons of hash, he for it on a boat and apparantly had a plan to get it off the boat.

    Also if you owned that hash, would you set foot on that boat? I wouldn't set foor in the country that the boat is in personally. It puts you at risk of losing a lot more than your shipment..there are people who move drugs for a living, who assume the risk, and are amazing at what they do.
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