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  1. perro-salchicha614
    You and I, an unequal pair.
    You, the sum of all beauty and pleasure;
    I, your unworthy supplicant, a frail creature of flesh and bone.
    Tomorrow you will forsake me, but tonight you are mine.

    Tonight, I will sacrifice myself upon your primordial altar,
    and I will take you inside of me.
    O Idol, my Dark Master,
    Unlock the closed doors of my heart so that I may live forever!

    In your velvet embrace, my Idol,
    I am home.
    I am no longer a prisoner of the world, with its endless petty aggravations;
    I am simply yours.

    In your arms, I allow myself to believe.
    Under your tender caresses, I am reborn.
    The world is new,
    and I am as a child again.

    Although I tremble with fear,
    I will meet your pin-prick gaze, my Idol.
    I have eaten the forbidden fruit;
    I know too much already.

    I am damned.

    Author Bio

    Opium fiend, bon vivant, and all-around pain in the ass.

    Annoying others since 1982.


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