The Importance of a Radar Detector To Phaze

By purplehaze · Apr 8, 2008 · ·
  1. purplehaze
    My friend Phaze was driving his car the other day and he told me that he has always used a radar detector. He was driving along and there was a cop, the cop turned around and got behind him. The radar detector got faster and louder, actually causing him to be even more paranoid.

    He said that he is glad that he has a radar detector, and it helps alot. Were my friend lives, he says that sometimes cops ride with there radar off, and even that county cars aren't equipped with a radar. State troopers radars usually stay turned off. A radar detector is good to have my friend explained. He said, it's not something to live by, but it is a good notification that caution needs taken immediately.

    My friend said that the radar detector is also better if it is turned down to a point that it doesn't startle you and in turn make you have a one minute mistake and get pulled over, but rather alert you and give you time to make the proper adjustments to handle the situation properly and coherently < hopefully.

    Phaze said, cops like to ride around with the radar off and spring it on when a car is speeding, usually its a good guide, and if your driving right anyway it can be used as a pre-caution. Especially if your late for work and driving 110mph to get there while its raining (we all speed when late don't lie), or have bad driving habits like doing donuts, drifts, burnouts, etc. amongst normal driving or "ridin dirty" <--lol

    Radar detectors are illegal in some places, but not were Phaze lives.

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  1. Fight Club
    NIK wouldn't drive without one for all the reasons mentioned above . . .

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