The In-Between

By infekt · Sep 1, 2008 ·
  1. infekt
    Just a little piece of writing I did..

    There is no comfort in the in-between. We are awake before we can rest, and unfortunatley when we are born we have to live before we die. I suppose it makes things more interesting. It's 4:02 AM, and yes it's great to be back, wherever the hell I am. I always love being back, "here". Staring in to the bathroom mirror. This is the place where the realization hits me: no rest tonight. I have an exam tomorrow morning at 9. I have to urinate in a cup for the 47th district at 7:30 in the AM.

    So I'll walk through this exhausting limbo in between wake and rest into the horizon, and find solace in my anxiety; the reflection in the river, the shadow I cast over the garden. Two different color schemes outlining the same issue. Both are my bathroom mirror, where I can see into myself all the things I am not. Everything I wish to be. Tonight I wish to be asleep. I can see that I am not.

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