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The internet has replaced the street corner for illicit drugs sales

  1. enquirewithin
    The UN's ambition to eradicate drugs by 2110 is not going to happen! Not that it was ever a realistic idea. Thier watchdog, the International Narcotics Control Board (as if 'drugs' and 'narcotics' are even the same thing), knows this.

    They have published a report oulining the difficulties.


    The BBC summarize it here:



  1. Motorhead
    And the RCMP will replace the DEA as the watch dogs lol. But seriously, this story is great because it proves that humans quest for intoxication cannot be irradicated. It is instinct. It cannot be stopped. Swim will always find another way, no matter how many 'schemes' they throw at him.
  2. bcStoner420
    IMO, it's more likely most drugs will eventually be legalized with certain requirements/restrictions than the chance they get 100% done away with. The ideas anyone will completely rid this world of illicit drugs is completely unrealistic.
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