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  1. Scloud90
    Exactly a month ago January 16 I got pulled over. At the time I was so addicted to alcohol I would have to drink till I went unconscious, however when I went to try the sobriety test not only was I cold as fuck shivering I wasnt drunk enought to do the test lol.I refused it and just got breathalyzed and blew a .15 I knew it was going to go up and when I took the chemical test it was over .2 something so they had to take me to the hospital because it was mandatory. and when I got to the hospital I got my blood drawn twice got is kept going up to .26

    I was pretty calm, but at the same time pretty frustrated with myself, I didnt have to be driving I just barely touched the line for a second and got pulled over by a hick cop. Ive never been pulled over by someone that said I just touched the line. When I told them they didnt have the right to search my car they put a stungun to my chest and I just couldnt do anything about it.

    They found a mirror hollowed pen and 7g of mdma I had 1 empty half gallon by me and another one that was being worked on lol. I ended up only getting misdemeanors somehow I guess the laws changed they said but it makes no sense. Im just glad I have no felonies im being charged with. I was also clean from any of the hard shit so if it wernt for the fact that I was trying to cashout, Iwould have been squeeky clean, I just had the stuff to snort it cause I didnt care, I already was carrying the shit on me.

    Anyways I got a lot of good luck and a, lot of bad luck. Just one more fucking annoying thing to deal with in my life though. Omg I just looked at the floor and im hallucinating some weird shit like not out of this world it just looks weird how this sock keeps soaking up water and releasing it on the ground when theres no water there. and everyones avatar looks like a gimp or whatever those moving picture things are called, Im gonna get off of here ive been awake too long, why cant my speed just wear off like everyone elses. Hah fucking with ya


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