The low-down on the new BZP-free party pills

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  1. Alfa
    Energy Supplements tried and true pill stop gap

    Energy Supplements tried and true pill stop gap
    Wednesday, 2 April 2008, 12:16 pm
    Press Release: Stargate International

    Energy Supplements tried and true stop gap after party pills.

    PRESS RELEASE: Stargate International
    DATE: 2nd April 2008

    Matt Bowden, Founder of Stargate International, and inventor of party pills today said that Hummer, Vegas Nights and Comet, the new Energy Supplements featured on TV3’s Campbell Live last night were tried and true natural formulations previously used in the gym and weight loss markets, that gave an energy lift and a pleasurable body sensation, and should not be confused with new untested drugs.

    “These are not new untested chemicals. All the compounds in Hummer, Vegas Nights and Comet occur in nature and have been in hundreds of different products overseas. Consumers say they get the energy rush and tingling body feeling that they want from these energy supplements but without that party pill comedown. This is the higher ground we are leading people to. If industry doesn’t meet this consumer demand now, hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders will swing to hard drugs instead.”

    Mr Bowden refuted claims that the FloradreneTM based products were untested and denied that there were any unlisted ingredients. “The Latin botanical names are listed on the packet which is an international labelling convention, but they will still be hard to copy. We also use patents to prevent other companies from simply replicating the products with escalating dosage - which was the problem we had with BZP.”

    Some reports claimed new stronger chemical drugs would soon be available in the unregulated market and Mr Bowden cautioned against their use. “Steer clear of anything that is not natural and in common use. If cowboy operators are releasing untested chemical drug analogues, avoid them until they have been through clinical trials.”

    He went on to explain the reason for the apparent lack of regulation. “We are currently in regulatory hiatus, the foundations and framework for restricted substance law (legal low risk drugs) are in place but there is no meat on the bones, the regulations are missing and government will probably wait for the Law Commission to report back and tell them how to allow safer drug alternatives to be sold. We are all moving forwards together, but it can’t happen overnight, so consumers must use caution in the mean time.”

    Mr Bowden stated that while Stargate are also developing new synthetic drug alternatives for the future, formal clinical trials would be premature until the Misuse of Drugs Act had been overhauled.

    “Absolutely we want to develop safer drug alternatives for the future but we want to do it all properly and nobody is going to invest millions in drug trials when we don’t know what shape the future regulatory environment will take.”

    The new energy supplements should still only be sold to adults though, and retailers should perform a “3 point check” at point of sale. “There are three things every retailer should ask customers. First - prove that they are 18; Second - make sure they are not using medicines or drugs; Third – check they have no medical conditions, pregnancy or mental illness.”

    The new products were predominantly available from adult locations. “I understand that ’Hummer’ are available from ‘The Den’ and ‘Cosmic Corner’ while ‘Comet’ are selling at ‘Eroxrave’ and ‘Peaches and Cream’ stores so it is mainly adult locations at the moment, but I’m sure other retailers can learn to ask these basic questions as well with a bit of education.”

    Mr Bowden cautioned young people not to drink cattle drench to get high. “I want to caution people not to consume cattle drench now that BZP is illegal.” He was talking in response to misinformed comment that the now illegal party pill ingredient BZP was a cattle drench.

    “We heard politicians telling people that BZP is a cattle drench, which was simply not true. Industry feel that for safety reasons people need to know the truth. BZP is not, will not be and never has been a cattle drench. We are concerned that young people may have been affected by the comments made by politicians continually referring to BZP as ‘cattle drench’ to create a negative image of BZP. My concern is that people may now try to drink cattle drench to get high, we need people to know that this won’t work and drinking cattle drench will not get you high it will probably make you feel sick. Cattle drench is not BZP.”

    Press release: Stargate International

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  1. Alfa
    A new entry has been added to Drugs Archive

    It is Tuesday 1 April 2008, the first day that selling BZP-related party is illegal. You may drink yourself stupid with alcohol, but taking BZP is now not an option.
    This begs the question of what people who used BZP will now take. Will they drink excessive amounts of alcohol? Would that be a victory? They may take ecstasy, at the lower end of the scale, or P at the very troublesome end.
    They may take the new party pills - which the Dominion Post says are just as good as BZP.
    Campbell Live investigates what is in these pills and talks to Matt Bowden, founder of Stargate International, the company that first gave New Zealand BZP-based party pills and is now providing BZP-free party pills.

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit The low-down on the new BZP-free party pills
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.
  2. illume.
    Interesting, swim has seen lots of these new bzp free party pills around. The products dont list any ingredients and strongly advise that people dont exeed the recomended dosage. swim personally would not take anything that he hasnt researched himself and the secrecy of ingredients is a concern. swim wonders what can be used to such ""great"" effect that isnt bzp epedre etc.
  3. Mona Lisa
  4. cosmicruler
    swim has tried some of these new non-bzp pills and they arent anything great!!swim thinks that if other swimmers want to no the ingredients then read more into the statement made "tried and true natural formulations previously used in the gym and weight loss markets, that Gave an Energy lift and a pleasuRAble body seNsAtion, and shouId Not be confused with new untested drugs."
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