The LSD that’s already in your medicine cabinet: Dextromethorphan

By Shiacmkmleer · Feb 27, 2008 · ·
  1. Shiacmkmleer
    Dxm guys! its the new acid!

    Note that the videos in this didn't paste

    The LSD that’s already in your medicine cabinet: Dextromethorphan By [​IMG] “Chris Rock: When I was a kid, that's all we had was Robitussin. Whatever you got, Robitussin better handle it. I broke my leg once, daddy poured Robitussin all over it. [Pretending to be his father] Yeah, boy! Let that 'tussin get in there. Let that 'tussin go down to the bone! If you run out of it, put some water in the jar, shake it up, more 'tussin! MORE 'TUSSIN!,

    Found in the same medicines that comforted Chris Rock as a child, dextromethorphan seems safe and benign. It’s most likely in your medicine cabinet now. But at high dosages, dextromethorphan, also known as DXM, can create euphoria and hallucinations. Some call the drug “Poor Man’s PCP.” Doses higher than 500 mg can lead to long term brain damage, psychotic breaks and death. Because dextromethorphan is found in more than 120 inexpensive over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, it may have more potential for abuse than many illegal drugs.

    And the statistics indicate that abuse is on the rise. According to the California Poison Control System, there were 58 cases of DXM overdoses in patients aged 6 to 19 in 2000; that number increased to 284 in 2003. In California, dextromethorphan-related calls to poison control centers rose 50 percent between 1999 and 2004, Reuters reported. (Newer statistics are not yet available.) Frighteningly, most of the abuse was reported in the pre-teen population.

    Although countermeasures are on the rise, the steps have been few and tentative. The California state legislature made a failed move in 2004 to ban sales of dextromethorphan to minors, an action that New York’s Suffolk County took in April 2007. Walgreens voluntarily began to require ID for DXM drug purchases in 2005.

    Dextromethorphan is easy to find—it’s in drugs like Robitussin, Triaminic, Coricidin, Delsym, Robitussin and Vicks. Another common source is OTC cold medicine and antihistamine Coricidin Cough and Cold, or Triple C in street lingo. Nicknames for the drug include DXM (a simple abbreviation of the chemical name for the drug), CCC, Dex, Triple C, Skittles and Robo. Because DXM is found in Robitussin, some users refer to a DXM high as “robotripping”; because the tablets are often brightly colored like Skittles candy, DXM is often called “skittling.” A few minutes searching YouTube for DXM yields a wealth of material, including this video on extracting pure dextromethorphan from cough syrup:

    Some users seek an LSD-like high and get more than they bargained for. At an online compilation of drug use experiences, user Raoul wrote that a dose of 720 mg of DXM led to an experience worse than any LSD trip he’d experienced. He writes:

    “I got caught in a nasty time-loop. I experienced Hell. I thought that my basement was the only existent Universe and Jason and I were doomed to live it out in this horrible state for all eternity. God was finally punishing us for our foolish sins… We both thought that we were dying or very close to it. I felt my soul being ripped from my body…I could only console myself by assuring myself that we did not do enough to overdose. Intense visuals of torment. I could hear people screaming and dying. I knew my life was about to end… That stuff makes pure LSD seem like ginger beer. There is no comparison. DXM is by far the most intense shit I have ever done.

    As a dissociative drug, it works in the body through the same physiological processes as PCP, ketamine and nitrous oxide. It acts directly on the brain to weaken its response to sensory input and to other parts of the brain. When used as directed in small doses, it prevents a convulsive coughing response, but the dissociative effect escalates with the dose size.

    PlateauDose (mg)Behavioral Effects1st100–200Mild stimulation2nd200–400Euphoria and hallucinations3rd300– 600Distorted visual perceptions
    Loss of motor coordination4th500-1500Dissociative sedation
    Table Source: US Dept of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration,

    Although both LSD and DXM create hallucinations, the dissociative group of drugs, which includes DXM, acts differently from drugs like LSD. Psychedelic drugs like LSD allow users to still experience sensory input from the “real world” while hallucinations occur, but dissociative drugs like DXM usually create hallucinations only when there is limited sensory input. DXM users might close their eyes or lie in a dark room.

    User Collin describes his DXM high:

    My skin is burning. I am on fire.

    'You are only imagining this. This is a figment of your imagination,' I tell myself. But is it really? Perhaps I really am burning up. Does it even matter? I stare straight ahead and suddenly wonder whether my eyes are open. The burning passes, and I flop down on the bed clutching at my face. I think I hear a voice, possibly my own laughter, but it passes after maybe a few seconds.


    Dextromethorphan is possibly psychologically addictive, but it is not physiologically addictive. However, even the writer of the pro-recreational use compendium at admits, “Regular DXM use may bring about long-lasting or even permanent mental impairment.” User E. Gates at writes that she felt numb after stopping her regular high-volume DXM use:

    The dissociated feeling I was left with could best be described a sense of emotionless unreality. But I still felt the emotions of hopelessness and depression. I’d stare at my (then) boyfriend and feel that we were stuck in a meaningless dream, then criticize myself for not being able to appreciate the moment. I wondered if I was the only unreal, abnormal person, and everyone/life around me was fine. It was lonely.

    User XEdize reports spending a tortured night after mixing pot with high doses of LSD and DXM. He feels lucky to be alive, he says:

    “If there's anything I'll remember most, it's how much I wanted to live when things got at its worst. Maybe I got a second chance that night. Either way, I won't be taking things for granted this time around.”

    LA Times story on DXM abuse:

    Info on DXM:

    FAQs on DXM use with a pro-recreational use stance plus realistic listing of dangers:

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  1. x cynic x
    My friend has this terrible feeling that an imminent removal will be called for by the masses
  2. Hyperspaceblastoff
    tussin a tussin
    grab me some of that robo
    lolz good ol DXM days
    i wont miss it
    theres plenty of alternatives
  3. *~SaGe~*
    Its funny how I did this on accident.........I was really sick and I took alot of Robitussin (not knowing any of this) after a while I felt strange like really strange I couldnt explain the feeling at the time....for the longest time I thought that I was feeling strange because I was so I know where I went wrong lol
    Thanks! =D
  4. EndThisDisgustingDystopia
    SWIM thinks that DXM is up there with the most intense drugs, but it has very unpleasant side effects. As long as there are tons of other additives and chemicals associated with DXM, the masses should be fine... Until the drunk girl hurls herself off the roof, then of course we shall feel the wrath of the banhammer.
  5. Bikelbees
    And this is OTC, what good is the present system doing in protecting people? I guess people wouldn't be using it for much more than coughs if decent drugs were more widely legally available.
  6. Paracelsus
    At least they don't mention kids overdosing on DXM HBr powder bought from cruel "e-dealers." How is this a news article, anyways?

    EDIT: ^^^ BTW, the sad thing is that the average DXM user is underage, which would make DXM use continue even if alternatives were available to adults.
  7. Senor Gribson
    swim suspects that if dxm is banned, it will lose its reputation as a "dirty" drug and become the new craze.
  8. highganja99
    :laugh: Let SWIM state this clearly. DXM IS NOTHING LIKE LSD !!!
    SWIM has taken DXM probably over 30 times, Although he hasn't taken LSD, He knows that DXM is nothing like LSD, there are other drugs more similar for comparison but certainly not LSD. Look at the DXM FAQ at Erowid, William White dedicates a section to this misconception. And another point is that by posting such a thread is misguided and damaging whatever the intentions were. And at worst harmful in many ways. DXM doe scause hallucinations in some people but this effect is not universal, most people do not experience hallucinations on DXM.

    SWIM hopes this thread is either neutralised by other members or removed before it causes unrepairable damage to DXM as a medicine, which this thread has the potential to do.
  9. Shiacmkmleer
    wait what?
    This was an article from the site sober circle. I was in no way comparing LSD and DXM. My point in posting this was to raise awareness of the fact that anti drug groups are turning their attention to DXM.
    There is no way any responsible but newbie user would see the title of this thread and go out and take Dxm hoping for an LSD like experience.

    As for DXM losing its reputation as a dirty drug I doubt that will happen until it is more commonly sold as powder rather than pills and syrups with a lot of "dirty" things in them
  10. Orchid_Suspiria
    This article might have been atleast a little more reallistic had it said "The ketamine thats already in your medicine cabinet."Ofcourse these prohibitionists fools don't bother to actually gain any real knowledge about the things they are so against.
  11. highganja99
    Ahh SWIM's apologies for not reading thouroughly enough, this is a bit sad that ani-drug sites can´t get their facts right. saying that there has been anti-dxm websites for years now like dxm-stories. it´s a shame that this article uses reports from erowid to validate it's claims. maybe Earth and Fire will have to look at this in the future. SWIM thought that the anti-drugs people were going for the silent approachmainly with DXM, but somewhere along the line they decided it wasnt the best approach. all anyone can hope for is that the media circus surrounding dxm fades away or is redirected at another substance. it would make sense not to report dxm abuse a couple of years down the line thereby introducing it to the next generation.
  12. stoneinfocus
    It´s pointless :cool: -under the line, the unexperienced person will read and thus "know":

    `DXM is a cheap drug, as is LSD, both are rubbish and abused, LSD has no extraordinary properties to it and no use whatsoever, becasue it´s like dirty cough sirup and generally ab-used, the one is still legal, now it´s time to carry on... .´

    Swim wished, that logic to backfire, as it has the properties allready in it:
    `DXM is legally sold and probably in your bin = it´s the same as LSD, maybe swimmers can take LSD and get away as it were cough-sirup.´:mad:
  13. Senor Gribson
    In my original post, i meant its bad reputation among drug users would be lost.

    If DXM were to be made illegal, it would likely be more commonly found as a semi-pure powder or pill. This just makes sense, there would be no market for illegal cough remedies, so why would manufacturers/dealers sell it as a syrup or a gel cap?

    Right now, a regular DXM user is looked upon by many drug users (at least where SWIM comes from) in nearly the same light as someone who drinks mouthwash or huffs gasoline. Swim would expect a lot more people to be willing to take DXM in a traditional 'street drug' form.
  14. FuBai
    As usual I find myself slightly confused by what you have said here - to me "under/below the line" is a direct marketing strategy, must be the language difference. In any case what I am trying to say is that I may have massively misunderstood what you said, but I'll plough on with my answer anyway - it's is my understanding that DXM is a far more physiologically dangerous and debilitating drug than LSD, and that you are far more likley to "get away" safe from a LSD experience as opposed to a high level DXM one. LSD may be more intense than DXM - I don't know as my only DXM using friend has never gone beyond the first plateau - but in terms of "getting away with it" one would expect lower risks with LSD than DXM, especially since DXM at the higher plateaus can make people just as confused and irrational as LSD, if not more so (based on the reports I have read and the experiences of those I know).

    If SWIM's younger brother asked SWIM "Should I try LSD or DXM?" SWIM's answer would always be "neither, but if you must, LSD".
  15. kaczynski
    When SWIM hit the 3rd plateau he got the worst shits for the rest of the trip. Imagine trying to wipe burning diarrhea off your ass while aliens from the sun are trying to communicate with you.
  16. stoneinfocus
    I apologize for my bad english down th eline would be exact english, what I meant was: by adding up the psychological impact of the info given in this media-propaganda article.

    you see, in my opinion, in today´s media, it´s not about facts and working out the differences of this and that and letting different opinions exist on a complex matter, situation or subject, but to find a sellable and to most of the buyers citable opinion, where the existance of another, different opinion is not tolerated or renegade per se.

    It´s already incorporated in this article, as it gives neither any background or unbiased info, but already has the bias and opinion incorporated and automatically would fight an opinion, that would go into differences of DXM/LSD, drug-prohibition, motivation of useres, pharmacology, receptor sides, precautions, dangers, for-against, etc. .

    The header is:drugs are bad and here´s anotherone, and that´s all ther´s to it DXM=LSD -we have something new to sell, you will read it as it´s easy to understand, we already made your opinion and entertain this opinion again.And again.And again.

    Until this again in the readres will lead to refuse any elaborate in depth discussion about drugs, as the reader has read ten years, drugs are bad and ther´s this ands this ansd this drug and it´s all bad and there needn´t be a discussion about it, as there´s never been one, at least none he was reading in the papers, but was given instead quite a good psychological manipulation which is made to back-up drugs are bad -if you dontß rthink farhter, tghan we told you it´s pretty damn logical.

    Same with socialists, communism (world) war propaganda/hysteria, gay-sex, crime, pollution, clima change.. you name it.
  17. stoneinfocus
    To me, I wouldn´t even discuss that topic, made up here, as it wouldn´t be fruitful because of the named reasons,
    I would point out the mechanisms of selling, capitalism and psychologic manipulation and the resulting injustice instead.

    I would point to the the weakest link in society, why he would need LSD or DXM or any other drug, and why those biased articles are immoral and devastating and just fear-inducing and not even worth reading them/ or starting a discussion about DXM.
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