The Machine

By Samadhi · Feb 9, 2008 · ·
  1. Samadhi
    Move the situation at hand and stretch common web through market streets.

    Moreover common man, a mangled corpse falls famous after a life served empty, the equation stretched thin due to those who wish to believe in no wrong.

    Riddle me this; a monstrosity of human desire and the ossuary of humanistic dogma.
    A promise? No.
    A tale? Yes. A tall tale that fell far short of mark. In the eyes of all holy you will only find the eyes of all who condemn. The true pattern is one forced back.

    From the scales of skin to the stretch of sound, we see colors alight in a new dawn. A morphing image of pattern woven through self loathing creates a modern miracle; had we ever seen one. We've heard the stories and now the chicken wired lips are forced to show nothing but a mechanistic proof and another blindfold labeled with the guarantee of perception.

    A view of a world apart from the selfish nature of man… A world conjoined with the signals of sirens we leave in the backwash and a world of progression we embrace.

    For once upon a time I saw a fantasy; ecstatic and demeaned, but still it truly showed the brilliance of motion.

    Welcome to the machine ladies and gentlemen.
    You remain a shadow.

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  1. savingJenniB
    I'm of the belief that we are the vasoline - the oil - the fuel that keeps this machine rolling.
    We are the Gods in charge.

    Dance the dance.
    Enjoy the view.
    Take responsibility.
    . . .. .
    it all comes down to you
    No blame.

    (Please excuse me one more time Paracelsus,
    butt . . . .)

    Live simply.
    Work with integrity.
    Become compassion.
    This is the way.

    U R the fucking Machine.
    Own up to it, Dude.
  2. Samadhi
    Must've missed the point of this one. The point was not to say i am not part of the machine... it was to say that i can finally see the machine and it's workings.

    Thanks for reading though and i completly agree bud.
  3. savingJenniB
    Isn't it amazing ~ you can say exactly the same thing to a dozen people and wind up with a dozen different explanations on what was said.

    Generally, I've noticed the people often hear what they want to hear. It is our comfort zone. We don't want to be drop-kicked into uncharted territory ~~ or do we?
    That's where the rush comes from -
    and the rush can be oh-so-much fun,
    if not a bit scary.

    Sorry, I missed your point.
    I've read your blog two more times ~
    and now have two more perspectives.

    Two more responses which I choose
    to snuff out at the source ~
    sharing with no other than the occasional voices in my head.
    Snuffed out and left smoldering in my grey matter.

    Thanks for reading though . . . .
    and by the way ~ I'm a babe!
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