The man with the small penis.

By Gallama · Jul 2, 2014 · ·
  1. Gallama
    Last night was the straw that broke the llamas back for me. I had been seeing this girl for several months now and after a fun night out I had dropped her off at home and she invited me in. Things got heated, clothes came off, there was foreplay, and then the insertion. It was a dark room and I slid in and started going at it. I notice an obvious lack of response and she awkwardly asks me, "is it in yet?" Uh...Yea, I replied. She proceeded to place her hand around my member and gasp in shock. I was like come on...It's small sure but it's pretty damn handsome. Her response was, I'm sorry but I'm just not ready for this. Really? because when I had my face in your vagina two minutes ago you seemed pretty ready. So as I walked out the door I made sure to yell, not my fault you have a cavernous vagina!! Anyway, so that was the end of that I'm pretty sure...

    This is a problem I have had since sophmore year in high school. Yea it's 2.5 inches hard. So what. But the first girl I had sex with did a double take when I pulled my briefs down and I am pretty sure it was pity sex I recieved that night. I mean when it was revealed, a look of utter shock spasmed across her face. Now because of my devastatingly small member I work in a lot of other ways to make up for it and please the other party. But despite my efforts the next day in class two girls are giggling at me. When I turn around and notice they yell out obnoxiously, hahaha your dick is tiny and has no girth! I was like woahhhh there that was pretty straightforward. Thats how I earned the nickname one inch wonder back in high school, even though I was really the 2.5 inch wonder.

    So basically the point is that I have had a ton of trouble due to my third pinky. I keep it well trimmed, it isn't crooked, and really is a rather good looking fellow. But I must say it isn't the biggest confidence boost that I have to really make an effort to find that son of a bitch after i get out of a cold body of water. Or the fact that sometimes when I get a blowjob the women still think I'm soft. Perhaps someday I will find a woman who accepts my charming little fellow. Until that day I will soldier on and endure the horrible embarrassment I suffer at the hands of unimpressed women.

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  1. beentheredonethatagain
    To try to prevent this from happening with the next sex partner Iwould mention that your member is a tad bit under the average size..

    ..Some women perfer a smaller package....

    Keep your head held up high
  2. Cwb20022
    I dont know what to think about this blog. An ex of mine had what im gonna call a micro penis. And i actually kinda liked it. I certianly never judged him. As btdt has said dicks come in all shapes and sizes. Theres someone out there looking.for a.2.5 inch dick. So just keep looking. Sounds like the girls your with are a bit immature. It shouldnt matter how big or long as your using it right.

    Interesting blog though. Like you said you try harder to please then someone with a large member. My ex was always satisfying even though he was small. Not in a stop it hurts kinda way. But it was good. I would choose a small dick over.a super large one anyday. That shit can hurt bad. And make you gag. I prefer a boyfriend with a normalsized member though.
  3. Phungushead
    "I have a dream that all guys will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the size of their dick, but by the content of their character."

    Seriously though, one day you'll meet the right person. Someone who can see beyond a physical piece of you that is out of your control, and values you for the size of your heart and spirit instead.
  4. Alfa
    Have you tried increasing the blood flow with cialis or similar? That might add a little size. It will still not be massive, but I guess all little bits help.
    Some girls will kill for good oral or for a guy who knows how to make her squirt.
    Asian men are often smaller built than you, so you could consider to data Asian women.
    Sooner or later you will meet he right match. Just make sure to keep that one.
  5. Cwb20022
    Well you got huge balls (pun intended) for coming out and writing this blog. Kudos to you. Everyones different. And maybe that girl did have a cavernous vagina. Lol.
  6. SpatialReason
    Move into a different scene.

    As crazy as this sounds, sex kind of evolved outside of using a penis. Go other directions with it. I'm sure there's a dominatrix girl that does not give a shit about your penis. :p
  7. Beenthere2Hippie
    I've been with a man with a small penis in my life. I was crazy about him and we dated for a couple of years. When we broke up it had nothing at all to do with the size of his dick. Turned out his dick was on his head (joke) the whole time and he wasn't worth anymore emotional investment on my part.

    It really, honesty isn't about size, and I sense that you know that and that's why you were sure enough of yourself to have posted this. I'll tell you what my grandma always told me. "Be a wonderful human being and no one will care less about your shortcomings." Good read. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Gallama
    Oh wow there, thanks for all the comments. I didn't realize o_O. Haha, the encouragement is much appreciated.

    I think you are all right, and at the end of the day maybe it is a good thing. It means that when I do find a girl she will be one who appreciates me more than my member. And I do like women of the Asian persuasion, so hmmmmm...Maybe I'll go down that avenue. Until I find someone I'll just have to be proud of what I've got.
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