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  1. beena
    SWIM has a masterplan!

    The Goal: To get off these fuckin' drugs and become a happy, independant, self-motivated, driven, high-flying mutha-fucka!

    The Plan:
    • Come off methadone using morphine tablets. Don't top up with heroin. Don't use crack-cocaine.
    • Go and stay with parents for the best part of a month (until college restarts in the autumn) and get totally clean.
    • Come back to London. Go to NA meetings. Start going to the gym or take up Tai Chi (just do something to get fit!). Exercise being good for depression too - this should help.
    • Go back to uni end of September.
    • Get part-time job whilst at uni to get money to pay off debts accumulated since last relapse.
    • Meet all deadlines at uni. Pass Masters Degree (with distinction?!).
    • Read and Write all the time and become intelligent (lol).
    • Embark on dazzling career as a writer: novelist, journalist and human-rights campaigner.
    • Release autobiography about 'how I got clean' !!
    • Have kids - try not to screw their lives up as I'm sure my parents screwed mine up (joke).
    • Die happy and content having been clean from drug addiction at least 60 years (so when i'm 90 years at least)
    The End


  1. stephy171072
    Good luck with swiy's master plan, swim really hopes swiy can achive everything on that list! Swim thinks this is a good idea, writing down the goals swiy wants to achive.. maybe swim should do this herself? Swim has a lot of similarities to swiy in what she wants from life. Swim dosn't know exactly what she wants to do yet but some of the things she does know is that swim wants to get clean, move back to London, go back to university, get out of the debt she has put herself into and aslo hopefully some time in the futcher have kids (and not mess them up!) Anyway good luck!
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