The mind and its powers

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    The Mind and its powers

    Think about it? Life may simply be the projection of the will of ones Mind? Psionics?

    I have been studying this idea for a while. The whole basic understanding coming from the Philosophy of Schopenhauer where he states;

    "The principle that the will is the inner nature of the body as an appearance in time and space, he concluded that the inner reality of all material appearances is Will. "

    I have also read a great deal of other material pertaining to this including the Holonomic Brain theory which Karl Pribram researched in to a great deal also along with David Bohm. I understand that researching the work of these two men alone, is a lifetimes work in itself.

    Well one might ask what relevance does this all have to do with the average person on the street with a partner, 2.2 kids, a mortgage, a credit card debit, etc etc. Well from my own understanding is that simply how one thinks is basically how one will feel and then project the condition attributed to ones life. Basically then we as individuals tend to consciously think of the external world as the real cause and effect of all the percieved good or bad that we experience, whereas in reality we are actually projecting the subconcious internal world of our thoughts. Then we attract those experiences that we initially have thoughts of. Then we wonder why or how we experience the things we do, feeling all the time that we are only here for the ride when in fact we are actually both the Passenger and the Pilot.

    Our DNA holds all our genetic markers. I am no researcher, but I believe there are certain genetic markers in us that are just now being "turned on". Might I use the caterpillar/butterfly metaphor, wherein the caterpillars genetic markers in the DNA are activated and the transition begins.

    Life is part of the mystery. Don't spend all your energies trying to figure out the "why's" in life.

    To further elucidate my own understandings of the mind/minds. To enhance ones conscious mind with clarity one must understand that the other dynamic subconscious mind which processes 20000000 bits of information per second as opposed to the conscious willful mind that can only do a measly 40.
    One then senses the need to learn to coordinate ones activity through life in the now through the intuitive process of feeling with and what the dynamic mind is trying to communicate in each moment in time and space of its omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresensce of all things.
    The problem arises when we wilfully choose to be non-focused in our day to day activities by giving in to the constant bombardment of todays societal distractions with all its sensory pollution that in essence detracts us from this most vital power sources within us.
    Hence then we tend to find ourselves in situations that we percieve that are not so beneficiary for our oneself. Such as hate, anger, violence and wars.

    I was talking to a friend about this and said; "Ya know, the path towards mastery, fulfillment , love, and happiness don't come easy. You must train and strive for success in your life. Every where you turn there will be distractions, what I call a tests. Everything around us is used to test us. We all have the potential to be and do what we want, but too many people keep themselves distracted their ENTIRE life."

    I have to stay focused, which is difficult, I slip all the time, but I am continually practicing my skills and mastering the power of my mind, slowly but surely. For many people I believe(assume) that they don't have the patience(ha!) or if they can even see the path. I've tried before with students and your either ready or your not. Period. Some people will never be ready because they've conditioned themselves into a very concrete thought process.

    The biggest thing to remember, however, when considering that we create reality from our own consciousnesses, is that we are not alone in creating this reality. Everything that lives has a point of view. From the tiniest bacteria, to every cell in a blade of grass or your earlobe, to all the critters on the planet, including the 6 billion plus other people. So for every quantum wave function you collapse with your conscious mind, there are also millions of individual cells in your own body doing the same thing, and limiting you as a result.

    So we live in a kind of holographic reality creation of all life everywhere (including any that might be floating around in space somewhere), of which we are but a teensy, tiny little part.

    As I understand that yes we are co-creators in this epic Dream Holographic we are a part off.
    One may ask what is the point? Well the point is We Are All ONE. Then we can simply see the idea that we are here to learn to try to be forgiving, understanding and loving to everyone and everything as being a part of our oneselfs.
    Well that can take the next instant to learn or a few hundred lifetimes. It is all up to our freewill whether or not we consciously choose to use our mind to actually see the good in our fellow living entity or the projected illusory "bad" .

    You know FREEWILL the thing every human talks about being given but very few of us actually practice it.

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